Solari had her foal, but…

…as with so many things involving Solari the World’s Most Nervous Mare, it didnt go well.

Not entirely her fault. She had a rupture, the baby tried to come out through her ass, and while H got him straightened out and he was born okay, then there was a five-hour trip to the city for vet repairs. Solari can find trauma in an ill-timed gust of wind. This really was quite traumatic, and she has completely rejected the foal. So completely that when H tried to encourage her to nurse him, she took a bloody chunk out of H’s arm. So now H is on light duty as well. It’s been three days, and poor Solari is still walking kinda funny.

Here’s the new little guy. This is the best of a bunch of bad pictures; the light in the stable was causing all sorts of trouble and he’s not very cooperative. Name TBD. He’s the very last of Paulo’s line, healthy and active if not especially well configured. Unlike Gaia, who’s only now starting to decide that getting attention from people isn’t all bad, this little guy has no problem with people at all. In fact he’ll nurse on anything given a chance, and gave me a bad moment when he stuck his head between MY legs.

Fortunately Gaia’s mom Tory seems perfectly willing to nurse him. She doesn’t have enough milk for two, so he’s mostly being bottle-fed and that will likely continue. But at least he’ll also be raised by horses.

So Gaia’s got a little brother! Welcome to the Gulch, little guy.

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One Response to Solari had her foal, but…

  1. Anonymous says:

    He looks fine for newborn. I think.
    I sure hope the “owners” [H and Family] can afford the extra milk requirement.(?)

    So …. TeeBeeDee is an unusual name for a colt. {rolls eyes}

    I hope he leads a long and fruitful life.

    stay safe,


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