Tell me again, the one about how it’s just a few bad apples…

I never get tired of that fable.

Balko tells the tale of a politician who pissed off an entire police department – because she wouldn’t do the wrong thing.

Doorley said she thinks her prosecution of corruption within the Greece Police Department and the decision not to prosecute Emily Good, who was arrested while video recording a police traffic stop, thwarted her chances for law enforcement support.

She said during her endorsement interview that she was questioned at length about the DA’s decision that Good had not committed a crime.

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One Response to Tell me again, the one about how it’s just a few bad apples…

  1. Brass says:

    Yeah, I think about “a few bad apples” whenever I watch the video of the group of 100 police officers at an after-action bull session laughing about a non-violent protester getting shot in the head with a rubber baton through a sign she was kneeling behind. She could have been killed if it hit her eye or nose. But they all believed it was funny to hurt non-violent people. And they all laughed when the chief called the protesters “scurrying cockroaches.”

    Scientifically speaking, one bad apple does, in fact, ruin all the apples in the barrel. And there’s something about the barrel itself that causes rottenness. It’s called an artificial monopoly on certain kinds of violence. This monopoly has a tendency to attract rotten apples. And it makes quick work of rotting the apples who entered the barrel with nothing but the best of intentions.

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