The desert smells like a rose garden.

If we get a wet monsoon, the cliffroses bloom again. And right now they’re going nuts.

Cliffroses aren’t roses at all but they have a heavy sweet scent that reminds me of many years ago when I raised damask roses in Michigan. My wife liked scents but was allergic to pretty much everything, so I learned how to use damask roses to make rose water for her. Of course after I’d done that she decided she didn’t really like scents all that much, but that’s just the way the story goes when you’re me. I still like the flowers even if the scent is kind of cloying.

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3 Responses to The desert smells like a rose garden.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ok, you’ve convinced me. IM moving to the desert.

  2. Judy says:

    No thorns? And the foliage looks like an evergreen? I thought everything in the desert had thorns.

  3. Desert Rat says:

    No thorns on cliff rose. For most of the year they look like someone took a flame thrower to an already mostly dead bush, but for a few glorious weeks in the spring and again during monsoon season, you get little flowers with big, almost honey suckle like smell.

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