The goats just had their last free meal…

…at my expense, but to their credit it was a big one. Hope they enjoyed.

I couldn’t move the chickenfeed can into the building because the last time I tried that I injured my shoulder real good and it has never been the same. So I put a big cinderblock on top of the lid in hopes that would dissuade them from further theft – and you see how well that worked.

The good news is…

They stole so much – maybe $40 or $50 worth – that I had no trouble moving the cans indoors and now the free food lamp is no longer lit.

Really tired of the goats now.

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8 Responses to The goats just had their last free meal…

  1. W Wilson says:

    I’ve heard bbq goat is pretty good.

  2. SoCoRuss says:

    Yep, real tasty. We used to have our unit Papasan at Osan AB, Korea. Bring in a few young ones in spring to eat the grass and weeds down in our secured areas the locals couldn’t go into and we sure as hell didnt want to cut grass and weeds. Then in fall, it was BBQ TIME, YUM YUM.

  3. patrick fowler says:

    tell the owners they owe landlady a sack of chickenfeed…tell them it’s lucky for them she’s a vegan Patrick

  4. dthed44 says:

    There might be fewer goats around next visit. If they ate a lot of it it is may possibly to kill them. Bloat, diarrhea, breathing trouble and more is quite possible. Do a search for “can goats eat chicken feed.”

  5. tweell says:

    I am surprised that coyotes haven’t come for a goat dinner. A friend that has goats had big problems with coyotes until he got a donkey to protect them.

  6. Ben says:

    Attack donkey, guard donkey…. I can kind of see how it might work, but the concept takes some getting used to.

  7. M says:

    Would you consider 2 of these attached inside and just schlepping food as needed to fill them? Solves the wandering goat attack and you have to go to do waters anyway. The problem is once the goats know where free food is, they will make every effort to get in the building. That includes “eating” the door and/or doorknob.

  8. I had a feeling that brick solution might not last long. Like M suggests – they now know there’s food to be had there and they’ll be able to smell it out. It’s hard to overstate how crafty and determined goats can be – I’d bet money on their trying again and give good odds on success – fwiw.

    Hopefully a friendly talk with the owners that mentions already incurred costs can encourage mindfulness on their part. Goats are escape artists though – but they shoulda’ known that.

    Come to think of it – I had a client who had a border collie that tended the entire 2.5 acres of garden and small livestock (including several goats). That dog minded EVERYTHING. The dog and the goats were almost equally matched with the collie being barely ahead.

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