This wasp is drunk.

I’ve had the hummingbird feeder out for maybe two weeks now. It started getting business right away but so far not a lot – in fact I wish it’d pick up and finish that first jar because the inside really needs a scrub it didn’t when I first hung it out. Anyway, the few hummers I have right now are more interested in mating behavior than sitting around tanking up on sugar water, so any bird that tries to settle on a perch is virtually guaranteed to get strafed within seconds as the males all vie for Hottest 2-Gram Bigshot at the Gulch.

This guy, on the other hand…

I sat out on the porch for hours yesterday evening, the first time it was warm enough to do so, and for the most part this wasp did not move. It just hung like that with its head shoved as far into a crack as it could get it. Occasionally it would briefly stagger around the outside of the jar as if looking for somebody to bug for drink money. Then it went back to jamming its head into the feeder.

I’m not at all sure it made it home safely. It wasn’t in any condition to fly.

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3 Responses to This wasp is drunk.

  1. BobF says:

    Diabetic wasp? I wonder what the dosage of Metformin would be… 🙂

  2. Winston Smith says:

    Has your sugar fermented?

  3. TK421a says:

    We get wasps fighting it out with hummingbirds at our feeders all the time during the summer. It’s cheap entertainment.

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