Time to get busy.

very fine house 2

I sort of took a week off from work and worry, contenting myself with the quotidian chores…

…and putting construction aside, because this is to be a momentous week if all goes well. Starting sometime late tomorrow I should have an actual houseguest, who’s coming from far, far away to help me knock off the last stage of the job: Install the furnace, then the insulation and drywall. In short, make the addition ready for occupancy.

(That won’t finish the thing, god knows. I still need a rear porch and stairs. I haven’t painted the trim – or even built some of the trim. Two major cabin sides could really use another coat of paint. But I’m running out of money and year, and I really want to be moved in before winter.)

Point is, the whole “actual houseguest” thing doesn’t happen often and while it’s welcome it’s also an extra layer of stress. So today I have to get off my ass and put on my apron…

Bake bread…

…straighten up the yard and clean off the top layer of dust and clutter from the Lair lest it embarrass me in front of strangers. As usual.

And then comes the actual work. This may not be a heavy posting week, but things are happening in the background.

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6 Responses to Time to get busy.

  1. coloradohermit says:

    Dusting before doing drywall work? That’s the wrong order of things.

  2. Who...Me? says:

    …straighten up the yard and clean off the top layer of dust and clutter from the Lair lest it embarrass me in front of strangers. As usual.

    I remember when I was a kid my mother would have a lady come once a month to do a real nut and bolt house cleaning. We would get up early that Saturday and clean the house so she would not be embarrassed in front of the cleaning lady.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Quotidian. Hmmmmmmm…haven’t thought of or seen that one in a while. Now to work it into my converation ASAP. Cute Joel in an apron is another keeper for your 2018 calendar. I predict huge sales. Will there be a volume purchase discount?
    If you don’t have time to do the calendar just send me the photos and I’ll make it up and have it printed. In fact I will act as your manager and sales agent for a very small cut of the profits.

  4. Tennessee Budd says:

    Anon, the pic should be Joel in nothing BUT an apron. That’ll boost sales!
    I, uh, have a plethora of calendars. Have to kick them out of the way; hence, I won’t be needing one. (No offense, Joel.)

  5. feralfae says:

    Caught my artist’s eye…
    That is just a cool line of diminishing green boxes, you know, that photo you took. The repetitive visual sensation of shape and colour, whose diminishing line enhances our sense of perspective, with the smallest green box the farthest away. Nice work, there, guy.

    The place is looking quite trig. Congratulations Joel. I hope you have an excellent week of construction. Up here in Montana, I spent today stacking firewood, putting the MG in storage for the winter (left the battery in, just in case sunshine) and getting the first edition of Integra—under my watch—off to the printer. So I am celebrating with Alaska moose and a glass of cab. La!

    A good day here, and topped off my delight by your intuitive sense of symmetry. You have the lost the label of art illiterate, by the way.
    Bravo! On all counts! Place looks absolutely great!

  6. B says:

    How much more cash do you need to finish?

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