Tobie won’t sleep with me…

From day one, Tobie decided that my bedroom made him very uncomfortable. Little Bear liked it. Torso Boy liked it – and in fact insisted on sleeping in the bed. Tobie finds it repellent.

I expected him to get over it, maybe even decide he wanted to sleep there at night. He’s perfectly welcome to, I always leave the door a little open for him, but nope. So far this is as far as he has consented to unbend on the issue…

When I turn on the light to get dressed, he’ll come in to keep me company – or maybe just to keep me on task because the first pee and breakfast are on the line. As soon as I go bipedal and vertical, he turns around and leaves. The only other times he’ll enter the room are to shoot guilt rays at me through the window when I leave without him, and to hide from the vacuum cleaner.

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8 Responses to Tobie won’t sleep with me…

  1. CF says:

    Could it be temperature related?

  2. Anonymous says:

    He seems pretty squared away, maybe it’s you.
    Tree Mike

  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he feels the need to be on guard duty at the door while you sleep?

  4. Vincent says:

    From what I’ve learned over the years: This is a demonstration of submission to the Pack Leader. The higher ground (bed) is a resource. In my opinion, Tobie is showing that he understands that the sleep nest is Pack Leader’s space. Tobie is GOOD Boi!

  5. Ben says:

    So even in the depths of winter, Tobie prefers to forsake the toasty bedroom in favor of the freezing great room? He otherwise seems to be smarter than that!

  6. Joel says:

    Vincent: He wouldn’t be welcome on the bed, since he’s too big to share. So I’m happy he has never shown any interest in it. But he’s perfectly welcome to sleep in the room. I don’t really mind that he doesn’t, just interested in the reason he doesn’t.

  7. WJW says:

    Tobie seems pretty attached to his bed. Have you tried moving his bed in the bedroom? I know the space is limited but it might be worth trying.

  8. Joel says:

    Yeah, I tried that. He protested, then boycotted the bed till I put it back.

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