Traditional annual shoutout to the Generous Reader who…

…sent me this heat-actuated woodstove fan about five years ago. Still works great!

The original version of the heat-actuated fan comes from Canada and is quite expensive. Also quite good: D&L have a couple of them in their workshop and they’ve faithfully whirled away for well over ten years now. One might be excused for not automatically assuming the Chinese knockoff would behave as well, and I’m happy to be a testbed of that notion. In fact so far, every time it comes out of its box in November, it has worked flawlessly. Apparently the only way to wreck it is to violate clearly-printed instructions on the back, put it too close to the stovepipe collar, and fry the wiring.

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3 Responses to Traditional annual shoutout to the Generous Reader who…

  1. Mike says:

    I love these eco-fans, and I’ve been using one that sits on top of my big buddy heater in my small 9′ x 12′ workshop for years.

  2. Dan says:

    I have two of them on my woo stove. One an Eco fan that’s well over a decade old and the other an Amazon knockoff I’ve had for a year or so. Both work well. We shall see if the knockoff lasts as long as the original. They both do a good job of moving warm air away from the stove silently and at zero electrical cost.

  3. M says:

    So glad to see that old friend a whirrin’ – Ours is 12 years old (same model) and still working.

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