Uh-oh. When you’ve lost Claire, you’ve lost the Freedomistas.

…and FYI, most of them are heavily armed at all times, so…

Where are the “moderates?”

At best, the “moderate, peaceful” Muslims constitute an ineffective and not very committed “silent majority.”

Okay, some commentor is now about to inform me that the U.S. has abused Muslim countries and these people have legitimate gripes. You think I don’t know that? It’s only been in the news every day for the last 20-some years. Of course it’s a factor. Of course there are legitimate gripes against the U.S. government. Take a number. Get in line. We’ll all air our grudges. Lots of us, Muslim or otherwise, foreign or domestic, have big issues with the U.S. government. Let the Vietnamese go to the head of the line. Let screwed-over U.S. homeowners cut in there, too. Let the relatives of people shot by cops have a spot. Let the mothers of drone-struck children step in. Plenty of room for everybody in the grudge department.

What those grudges are not is an excuse for murdering innocents. You got a grudge against the U.S. government? Fine. So do a lot of us. But don’t go around shooting up, cutting up, or blowing up gay partiers, cartoonists, bloggers, Jewish schoolkids, Jewish shoppers, people you used to work with, people you work with now, or anybody else your arrogant arse thinks you can kill just because you belong to a “superior” religion.


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