No more teachers, no more rule books, no more … geiger counters for a while!

That’s what I was promised yesterday. We were DONE! HAH!

Grumble. I’m getting awfully busy for a retired guy. I’ve got wood to cut (and I still haven’t been able to get to town to pick up my saw), people waiting for me to come finish my kitchen and get the lumber out of their barn and workshop, hay to pitch (actually that hasn’t shown up yet) and a couple of other paying gigs I don’t wanna talk about here. But the one good thing about all of it – none of it involves geiger counters, of which I am heartily sick.

Today it’s been overcast all day, so I can’t work on the cabinet doors (not enough juice to the batteries.) So I cleaned up the last of the party mess that I can move myself, worked on filling in the leach pit at the Lair, and spent a few hours working for another customer. For tomorrow, I had other plans.

“Had” is the operative word in the previous sentence. Frickin’ cell phones.

Frickin’ geiger counters.

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One Response to WAH!!

  1. I wish I had your problems. Wage slavery continues for me… P.S. I’d kill for an overcast day to temper this heat. See? Somebody’s always got it worse than you do : )

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