When they come from the northwest, they’re the worst.

Woke to clear skies for once but the forecast said it wouldn’t last. After Tobie’s early walkie and a quick breakfast I hiked to Landlady’s to pick up the Jeep, took the Bumpy Road to T&S’s and double-fed the animals in case I can’t come back in the afternoon. At the foot of their mesa stairs I saw low clouds of a sort we very rarely get here…

…and they were coming from altogether the wrong direction, and spreading fast. By the time I got back down the mesa it was clear this was no wisp of cloud…

And when I finally parked the Jeep and started to hike home, the clouds were horizon to horizon though not yet blotting out the sun.

It doesn’t usually storm in the morning during Monsoon but never say never. Seems tame enough at the moment but the ones that blow in from the norwest are the meanest if they break over you.

This has only been going on for two weeks and I’m already getting twitchy. The regular Monday trip to town has been called on account of lots and lots of mud.

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3 Responses to When they come from the northwest, they’re the worst.

  1. Mike says:

    Those clouds certainly look nasty. In the movies these are the kind of clouds that alien mother-ships pop out from.

  2. Jerry says:

    WOW on the rock walls. Lots of time, Lots of money, or both? Or was it the previous owners folly?

  3. Joel says:

    Lots of time. Took him years to enclose that space and I never learned why he went to the trouble. Man just really likes to stack rocks.

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