Winter comes to the Gulch again…

Right on schedule, too! The forecasters said it was coming: After a week of unseasonably mild and pleasant weather, expect days of below-freezing temps beginning with a snowstorm. In fact D&L took the forecast so seriously that they rescheduled the Monday morning water run for last Friday. I finished up a bunch of chores last week that could have straggled into this week specifically to clear up some indoor time.

Except, of course, for Tobie-related activities. So this morning Tobie and I got to the top of the ridge and into the teeth of staggering wind, spitting supersonic sleet right into my face. End of truncated morning walkie. Tobie was displeased but knows not to argue too strenuously when Uncle Joel is getting (really) grumpy. Less than an hour later…

…and coming down hard.

Old man day. Mocha. Book. Bedroom heater.

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