Finally! I’ve been trying to find the plumbing parts I need to connect my oven to small propane bottles, and finally worked it out! Haven’t tried the oven itself, but so far the only problem I’ve found is the left pilot light doesn’t ignite. That, I know I can fix one way or the other.

Thing’s stood in the barn for years, and I’ve just taken it on faith that I could get it working. In the past couple of weeks I’d begun to doubt that, but now we’re cool. If the stove works there not much reason to believe the oven won’t, which means once I get moved in I can take up baking again! That’s a way to make winter much more pleasant.

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2 Responses to YES!

  1. joe in reno says:

    Pilot gas jet probably needs cleaning out. They tend to corrode up if they sit idle for awhile.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Joel, That vintage range probably has aluminum orifices and with propane the hole is tiny. Try piano wire or welding torch tip cleaners, but if there is a spider web in there, good luck. matches are cheap. Or a splinter to light off the side that works-why is it always the right. The oven, otoh has to have a pilot to prove the safety. But after RV living, I’m sure you know that. Jeff

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