“Yesterday I was running around outside blessing Spring…”

“Today I’m huddling in my coat cursing March.”

It rained and snowed all morning. Look at my nice shiny floor! Look at it!

If you ever design your own house, find a way to include a mud room.

The weather didn’t change the fact that it’s water day. I brought Tobie home a new toy from the dollar store…

I wasn’t really planning to give it to him, just put it up in the pantry as a spare. No chewing rope has a long projected lifespan around Tobie the puppy-shaped beartrap, and I thought a spare might be wise. But he saw what came out of the bag, politely waited for me to cut off the tag, and then took it from me without further discussion. And now he’s having fun testing its fitness for life.

Meanwhile – speaking of Tobie – I have replaced my dear departed summer sandals.

So I’m ready for the warm now. Really. Enough with the winter already.

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5 Responses to “Yesterday I was running around outside blessing Spring…”

  1. Robert Gaines says:

    Your floor looks pretty good. Try running two salt-snow-slush encrusted power wheelchairs around after getting 4 inches of frozen “spring”.

    72 here today. Forecast is 4 days of rain/snow/yuck 30s & 40s. Ugh.

    Hey, how’d you get a pic of my right foot?!

  2. Robert Gaines says:

    There’s a line in the Mel Brooks flick “Men in Tights” about drinking the sacramental wine and proceeding to “bless” everything (think Tobie being released first thing in the morning). Your blog post title made me immediately think you meant that, then, “Nah, he can’t mean THAT”.

  3. Ben says:

    Doesn’t your covered porch serve as sort of a mud room?

  4. Joel says:

    Only when the wind isn’t blowing, which is seldom in winter and spring.

  5. Mike says:

    Yesterday it was sunny and warm enough to get by with a light sweater. Today it’s a mix of rain/snow/freezing rain. I hate March because it’s the most fickle month.

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