I prefer my visitors more polite, less destructive.

A herdlet came through my yard again. Among the usual knocked-over items and nice fresh cowpies I found that one had reconditioned the bridge to my burn barrels…
And by ‘reconditioned,’ of course I mean broke.
I hope it was at least startling. Better yet crippling. Though probably according to law I’d be liable for damages in that case.

Damned cattle.

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3 Responses to I prefer my visitors more polite, less destructive.

  1. MJR says:

    Damn stupid things. Complaining will not work I suspect. Shooting them will get you talked about in the wrong circles. Have you thought of 12G bear bangers? Scare ‘eh enough… well at least that would drive them away when used. Only problem is bear bangers are a little pricey. Good luck Joel.

  2. Ben says:

    You have the beginnings of a cattle grate there. Just punch a few more holes.

    Also, I just learned that there is something called a “Virtual cattle grate”. Just paint lines where you don’t want them to go, and the stupid beasts think it’s a real grate.

  3. jabrwok says:

    Maybe plant a mesquite or thorn-bush perimeter fence around the property? I wonder if there are any plants that cattle will avoid and would prosper in your climate.

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