I’m gonna get some of that grey deck paint, and pour lots of sand in it, and…

Rained this morning, in the wee hours.  A bit chilly, a lot humid.  Everything was wet, and natch the animals were driving me out into it well before daylight.  Click and LB had some sort of vomit competition last night that clearly went on into the wee hours – LB disgorged enough half-digested dog food for me to have molded another dog out of had I so wished.  I did not so wish.

So Click was out of food, and I was out of paper towels for cleaning up vomit, and out to the pantry I went.  Filled up Click’s food canister, grabbed a roll of towels, went back to the Interim Lair, placed meat foot unsecurely on the wet boards, felt it slide, tossed flashlight and burden aside because I was going to need both hands in about a microsecond, doormat coming up to meet my face … “Huff!”  I hate when that happens.  If I suddenly lose the support of my right foot, my left one is no help at all.  Now my wrist hurts, which is no way to start the day, but at least my face doesn’t.

Cloud cover’s breaking up, but I suppose there’s no point going to D&L’s to use their table router after shit-shoveling.  It’ll just cloud up again as soon as I get there.  So instead I’m gonna bring back one of the 4X4s I squirreled away in M’s Dome, so I can cut it up for banisters.  Gotta get busier.  I don’t need the cabinet doors as much as I need banisters for the loft railing.

Busy morning planned, and I hope in a good way.

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4 Responses to I’m gonna get some of that grey deck paint, and pour lots of sand in it, and…

  1. Tam says:

    I had “suicide stairs” at the old place: Steep wood that got algae-slick in a hurry. I just nailed a strip of shingle on each riser.

    (WV: “poolfter”. As in “He’s a little light in the water wings, if you know what I mean…”)

  2. Ian says:

    You do need to start making use of those 4x4s, before I turn them into shelving. 🙂

  3. Joel do you think this slip and the jostling your head took might be one of the reasons your migraine settled in?

  4. Joel says:

    I don’t know, GL, but doubt it. I’ve got one leg, and sometimes that makes me fall down. It never brought on a migraine before. Headache, backache, sure. Once even a broken knee. But never migraine.

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