Look! Paid Content!

Well…sort of paid. I’m not sure how that works. But for the record I actually was offered (and accepted) a consideration for writing this post, and for putting a Wideners.com logo and link on my sidebar.

That’s the very first time I ever did that, and it’s not the first time I’ve been asked. Honestly I’d never heard of Wideners before they contacted me, but I’ve done some business with them since then. They ship promptly, and while I’m not in a position to compare prices they’re more than reasonable compared to what’s available locally.

If you check out their site you’ll find it’s not the most intuitive thing you’ve ever seen. You’ll need to use the search window, so you’ll need to know more-or-less what you’re looking for and that makes it hard to judge just how wide their inventory is. But check this out…
I searched for .308 hollow point boattail 168 grain bullets, which is not exotic or anything, it’s what I use in my .308 boltie, but it’s still pretty specific. They list twelve choices from Federal, Nosler, Sierra, Berger, Hornady and Speer. That ain’t bad.

I went looking for pistol powder for my .44, which is impossible to find locally. Their site offered 78 suggestions, which is a little overwhelming. Sorting through available info and looking for something appropriate for light .44 loads I came upon a brand I’d never heard of called Ramshot. We’ll be reviewing that in the next few days, I’ve got to get up to the loading shack and put together some batches. Shipping was very prompt (Okay, it took three weeks to arrive here, but it shipped that day and got to my maildrop promptly) in good condition, just what I ordered, yadda yadda. This looks like a good source for reloading supplies, and maybe you should check it out.

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2 Responses to Look! Paid Content!

  1. MJR says:

    Thanks for the post Joel. This is an interesting site to be sure. Unfortunately for me being up here in Canuckistan, where the barriers to importing firearms stuff thanks to the Canadian government and BATF, are a pain in the butt, so I can’t shop there. Mind you they have some good stuff…

  2. Flatbilly says:

    Have done some business with them. Their prices on some stuff might seem higher than other places, but they will actually have it in stock and ship it in a timely manner. Nothing more frustrating than saving a buck or two and then waiting months (or forever) for it to ship. I like saving a nickel as much as anyone, but I want my goodies some time this incarnation.

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