Oh I’m glad I’m not a front end loader driver…

 Gulchendiggensmoothen started his life as a workmanlike general-purpose tractor.  Then to accommodate the ginormous backhoe, “they” (I don’t know if it’s a factory job or not) added a sort of superstructure that raised the center of gravity a couple of feet.  Between that and the weight of the backhoe, he’s no fun to drive on anything but level ground.  We don’t have much of that here.  I think a jet pilot, or maybe a roller coaster addict, might enjoy this job more than I do.

But I’ll give him his due, he’s running great at the moment.  Leaking from every orifice, but running great.

 The current job is to transfer the large piles of dirt in front of M’s Dome…

…Back to their original position, which will cover M’s Dome and convert it to M’s Earth-Bermed House.

And all I can say about that is that it’s going to be a lengthy process.

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2 Responses to Oh I’m glad I’m not a front end loader driver…

  1. I know for a fact that there is a piece of yellow vinyl floating somewhere in my bowels. Ye Olde John Deere doth not liketh 45 degree angles, nor Does Ye Olde John Deere operator feel the least bit of comfort in seeing the uphill rear tire spinning freely on said 45 degree angle. It took three guys with long prybars to separate me from that seat after I safely set all four wheels back on LEVEL terra firma : ) On the plus side, I know what atrial fibrillation feels like…

  2. Anonymous says:

    “Always Carry the load at the lowest height possible”

    I’m sure I heard that once but what do I know I’m only a Bearcat (?)driver and even that has been mumble … mumble years ago.

    Stay Safe,


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