Oh, we had a big’un this evening.

The gullies ran copiously as the rain crashed down and the thunder rumbled all around.

Tobie protected me most closely…

“Not to worry, Uncle Joel,” he said, over and over, “As long as you stay close. If we’re separated I can’t answer for your safety.” I was very appreciative.

Okay: We got like a fifth of what fell yesterday. The gullies ran a little bit. I don’t think the wash ran even a little bit. I’m talking it up for Tobie’s sake: There was lots of thunder and he protected me from it very faithfully. Maybe that was what he was doing. 🙂

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2 Responses to Oh, we had a big’un this evening.

  1. boynsea says:

    He’s a good boy! He is only being anxious about your safety from the thunder bumpers!

  2. Tree Mike says:

    You’re just lucky he likes you. Think how bad it COULD have been.

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