On to Phase 3

My burn barrels blaze brightly with the debris of the epic but hardly record-breaking rat’s nest formed where I’d foolishly left a whole bunch of lumber for – well – years. Finally got down to the real culprit…

This pallet of juniper chunks I just couldn’t bring myself to drag back out to the boonies, even though these days I burn very little juniper. Nice and seasoned now, I’ll bet. In fact I kept the more straight-grained chunks, for they will surely be easy to split.

I was down to the pallet when I finally encountered the rat responsible for the morning’s fun. It went streaking out from under the pallet and…straight to the new woodshed with which it has become so familiar recently.

But that’s a job for Phase 3.

Got’er nice and cleaned up. Except for all that lumber, and the majority of the juniper chunks that are pretty much impossible to split or I’d have split them years ago…

That’s Phase 2, which commences right after lunch.

What’s Phase 3, you ask? Easy one. They’re easier to kill after they’ve been displaced. I wouldn’t bet a lot, because they’ve disappointed me in the past, but still I’d bet I have a body by the morning.

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4 Responses to On to Phase 3

  1. Ben says:

    Well? Any confirmed kills?

  2. ZtZ says:

    Hope you were wearing a face mask and gloves. And disposable or no clothes (shower afterward). When the large box with 5000 rat traps shows up at your mail drop you know where they came from. Oh I forgot. Having the traps is only one third of the solution. Setting them is another third. Emptying them and re-setting them is the final third. Wearing a mask and gloves, of course. FOMCL

  3. Joel says:

    Well? Any confirmed kills?

    Nope. I was fairly confident in that prediction, too. It either headed for the hills or it’s still huddling in the stacks and not coming out even for delicious bread and peanut butter.

  4. ZtZ says:

    Only 1 trap????? You do need that bulk shipment of 5000.

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