Sign, sign, everywhere a sign

Yesterday a commenter correctly pointed out that the Pulse nightclub would have been a gun-free zone by statute no matter the policies of the proprietor(s), because it was a nightclub and served alcohol. Duh, self-evidently obvious, and my completely forgetting that only shows how much time I spend in bars.

Uh…that having been said…the time I spend in bars, while very small, is not zero. Gun-carrying in bars is illegal here, too. Sure hope I never get caught.


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  1. MamaLiberty says:

    In Wyoming, I can openly carry a gun into any restaurant or bar if I want to. Never saw a “no guns” sign, though there probably are some in the city. State law restrictions are for CC only. Makes no sense at all, but there it is.

  2. Judy says:

    Maybe true, but in Podunk, Kansas, in the local saloon, all the ranchers have a side-arm just in case they have to do some varmint killin’.

  3. billf says:

    I teach a CCH class in my state,and when it comes to the part about where you ‘can’t’ carry,I usually recommend not patronizing those establishments ,but if you have to,you have to ask yourself-would you rather be in violation,or dead?
    Any one person in that gay club could have saved 100 people from getting shot.
    I am that one person wherever I go.

  4. Robert says:

    Wisconsin appears to be the opposite of Wyoming in that I can’t carry openly in a bar but can carry concealed. Can’t drink while armed, though. So many laws; so much stupidity.

  5. MamaLiberty says:

    “Can’t?” Silly law… as with so many. If you CC, and take a drink, who would know? Why would you endanger your life to comply? If the penalty for being found with a gun there was high (say you wound up having to use it), I can’t imagine why anyone who carries would want to go there to start with. 🙂 But that’s just me, perhaps.

  6. Robert says:

    Well, yeah. Gettin’ liquored up while packin’ seems kinda stupid. Come to think of it, I had 3 bars within easy walking distance of me for eight years (can’t drink ‘n drive, y’know) and I had never been in them. Guess I don’t visit bars much.

  7. Joel says:

    Stopping in for a brew and gettin’ liquored up are not identical activities, y’know, Robert… 🙂

  8. MamaLiberty says:

    LOL! Me either, Robert. I went to a local bar with some friends after shooting once years ago, all of us packing openly. The place was crowded, loud, and stunk of dirty ashtrays, stale beer and piss. The cowboy decor was interesting, but if I’m going to have a drink it will be in my own home or as a guest in someone else’s home, which is rare. I have a built in limit: two beers or a glass of wine and I’m ready to sleep. More than one shot of whiskey makes my stomach hurt, so that’s the limit there. 🙂 Had a bottle of Glenlivet that lasted me more than a year.

    Can’t imagine going out, even once, and getting marinated as so many seem to enjoy, and I see no point in any “law” against being armed while doing so. Being stupid like that, especially if repeated often enough, is usually fatal one way or another. If those in the vicinity defend themselves, or take the fool home, that’s the real “law” in action. Adding a cop to the mix most certainly doesn’t help anything. 🙂

  9. Robert says:

    Maybe for YOU, they aren’t. 🙂 Good point, though, Joel. I think ML and I are related; two’s my limit also. What strikes me is the evident uselessness of most laws and the fact that one jurisdiction mandates something forbidden in another. That said, I’m gonna drive home now while armed then ditch the gun and have a gin ‘n tonic all without government supervision.

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