Wish I could say I’m surprised…

I’m not surprised at all, actually I called it. But hoped I was wrong. The Jeep is still sitting in the yard of the shop where I delivered it on November frickin’ 27, untouched by man or tool.

The manager made a(nother) insincere promise, which I’m reasonably sure will still be unkept when I visit next Monday. The contractor situation is the one thing I genuinely hate about living ‘way out in the boonies.

Having said that, there’s good news: I got another big hit to the tip jar this weekend which definitely puts me over the top for paying for, if not actually getting, all the repairs I was hoping to do. So that’s good, and thanks very much to those responsible.

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4 Responses to Wish I could say I’m surprised…

  1. Jim Price says:

    I hope he’s better at fixing things than at keeping promises.

  2. paulb says:

    Hopefully they are not stringing you along. Never know when you will run into localism.

  3. Elmer says:

    And, we’re back to the AAA towing / D&L’s feed trailer issue to get the Jeep to the Big City with More Resources Which Are in Competition With Each Other. (AAA is a dead issue in the middle of nowhere, regardless of where that Nowhere is, but heavy duty trailers and diesel trucks, well, they’re everywhere !).

    Rural areas are terrific for “living while being left alone” but they do occasionally benefit from having “resource crutches” like trailers and tow vehicles. Fortunately, rural areas usually can quite successfully substitute “neighbors and friends.”

  4. Spud says:

    Could always do it yourself out in the yard . Just a few blocks and a floor jack and such…
    Once changed out a clutch in my 57 Chevy 4×4 , while in a campground in Yellowstone park.
    Only had basic tools and a bottle jack lol. Course I was around thirty yrs old then too !
    Now , at 68 , I might also let someone else do it.
    Then again …

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