“There’ll probably be some gunfire around six ayem…”

So Ian told me last evening. He’s in training for some run’n'gun event. I really murderously object to roosters doing their thing at 4:30, but don’t at all mind gunfire at six. I’m already up, or at least awake.

Ghost, on the other hand…
He was out there barking away, warning whoever that is moving over there he’d better think twice about coming over here, boy, because we’re really mean over here. Yeah. You better watch out.

And then he got a glimpse or a whiff of what was going on. He dropped his previous agenda, whined to get in the cabin, and went straight to the Kneehole of Comfort. Gunfire is Ghost Kryptonite. Funny thing is, it hadn’t even started yet. Wuss.
LB is still out in the cool. He couldn’t care less as long as it isn’t happening right over him.

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You can’t go! All the plants will die!

What’s going on with Tam’s site?

Sigh. And then, depression set in.

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Well Played, Poorly Played…

Okay, so everybody knows that a few weeks ago Texas governor Rick Perry was indicted for … um … Okay, nobody here remembers what he was indicted for. One side says he was abusing his power, one says he was doing his job well within the law. I dunno, and it’s not important. There’s a really, really ugly video involved which suggests he couldn’t have abused his power in this case without resorting to explosives.lehmbergBut I don’t study law. Maybe explosives would have been all right. What he actually did was try to get a bureaucrat from the other party dumped. This caused him to be indicted instead.

So far it’s just a day in state-level politics, but here’s where it gets funny. Rick Perry is the frickin’ governor of frickin’ Texas, okay? He didn’t have to put up with this, he’s got squads, platoons, veritable companies of lawyers to put up with things like this for him. You think you could get him indicted for anything, and he’d actually show up for booking? He could have huffed and puffed and blustered his way into making this a big deal, and that’s exactly what I expected him to do. Maybe it’s what the Democrats expected him to do.

Instead, he showed up on time and brought cameras. And makeup artists.perryC’mon. Love him or hate him, that’s a mugshot.

You could see wind coming out of the TDP’s sails from way over here, and it might have been best to just let it go. But no, somebody over there still thought they had an issue they could run with. So ‘The Democrats’ released this…

…in the apparent hope that somebody somewhere still took Perry’s ‘indictment’ even a little bit seriously.

The republicans quietly released this instead.

You guys know I never go near partisan politics. A pox on both your houses, say I. But you gotta admit, this game is only being played well by one side.

Somewhere, Saul Alinsky’s ghost is weeping.

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Funny things I saw today…

0901140824I saw a man so determined to trim his high Monsoon weeds that he attached his electric trimmer to a “portable” generator.

0901141044I saw a man squinting at a laptop while standing on the edge of a cliff.

0901141054In the service of the guy with the laptop, I also spent part of this morning giving my sawbuck its annual rebuild. Which isn’t really a funny thing I saw today, just something that happened. But the reason was kind of funny*.

*It’s a secret.

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Due to circumstances beyond my control…

I got laid down yesterday morning with an unexpected migraine. Sudden thing – everything fine, then everything not. Vision closing in, can’t read, didn’t even consider writing.

Went to bed early, slept long and deep. We seem to be up again today but the coffee’s still brewing so no guarantees.

Looking at emails, I see I’ve got some. One deserves an immediate reply and one requires immediate action I haven’t performed yet. Plus it’s shit-shoveling day. Guess I’d better get my ass in gear.

I see that over the weekend Bayou Renaissance Man proved which of us has the biggest audience. :) Thanks for the link, Peter.

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On Improvising Respectable Steel Targets

Ian got a good price on his property, it’s said, because everybody else considered it useless. After all, so much of it is dry riverbed you could never build anything on. Why, there’s one 300 yard stretch with absolutely nothing but flat sand. Horrors!hot2It’s been some years since we dragged this old fuel tank stand out to the cliff that serves as a backstop, and at last had something from which to hang steel targets. Ian sprang for some proper armor plates, but everything else was improvisation and experimentation. I’m constantly repairing and/or rearranging chains. Since it’s Ian’s range on Ian’s land and I probably use it more than he does, the least I can do is keep it pieced together.
Most of the chains have just been looped over the crossbeam. It works and it’s simple, but I’ve never been happy with the way the targets hang. So the last time I had to repair a chain I suspended it from a short piece wrapped around the crossbeam and bolted together. That turned out to hang a lot more square. I determined that the next time I came out here for repair I’d do that to all of them.
Of course the only way to make sure you’ve done it right is to test it, right? :)

Spent some time in my reloading shack yesterday, re-thinking my .44 loads.
These are 5.0 grains of Unique with a 240 grain cast semiwadcutter. I’ve fired 25 of these now with no issues at all. It’s substantially milder than earlier loads with the same bullets and seems to work better with this gun. Accuracy is good enough to get all five clangers swinging at the same time at about 15 yards, which is all I ask.

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There’s something you don’t see every day…

At least not during Monsoon.
Just an awfully pretty day.

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Speaking of ammo that’s hard to find…

Ian over at Forgotten Weapons is doing a whole series of videos on rare and/or oddball guns soon to be available at Rock Island Auctions. And today’s is about one of my all-time favorite WTF pistols, the Colbrini 2.7mm. This is supposedly the smallest production centerfire pistol ever made, and in detail – and when does Ian not give details? – it’s really a very cool little machine.

Sometimes the point is that there is no point.

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Look, it’s not you. It’s…okay, it’s you. But it’s me, too.

Regular readers know that a few years ago I switched from the beater 1911 I carried for many years to a beater .44 Special revolver. 100_4346And from that time, the revolver and I have had a roller coaster relationship.

Look, it’s not all the gun’s fault, okay? It comes from a broken home. It was used hard and put up filthy. And then becoming joined at the hip with the likes of me … well, there were bound to be issues. Continue reading

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Oh, dear. I totally missed this important historical anniversary…

But here’s a song about it. :)

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There must be a special irony hell for people who would pay extra to have a Gadsden flag on their license plate…

But except for that, everything in this article is bullshit.

…sadly the flag’s nobility has been stolen.

If you say so, Bubba.

But here’s mine…
gadsden 2

H/T to Codrea.

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All right, all right

I got nothing. It’s a pretty morning and I’m going outside.

Here’s a funny picture.

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If by some chance you feel the need to empty a bucket of ice water over your head on video, for whatever reason…

…Don’t set yourself on fire first. Really, it’s almost guaranteed not to enhance the experience.

NOTE: NSFW due to language and industry-grade stupidity

In my admittedly limited experience with the genre, this is surely the ultimate “hold my Everclear and watch this” video.

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Welcome to Seattle South…

Day before yesterday neighbor L said, “You got your seams caulked, Joel? It’s really gonna rain.” It was supposed to start Monday but Monday was kind of a bust. Yesterday the rain apologetically made up for lost time.

Didn’t make its usual big deal about it. Ian told me he’d had to abort a trip to town because the wash was flowing but that was way downstream from here: The big N/S wash flows four times for every one time ours does. It never blew or thundered much except for a little bit right after sundown. Mostly it just rained. And rained. It was Tuesday and I didn’t expect to go anywhere or see anybody so when I got up I dressed in a fashion befitting that expectation, which is to say hardly at all. But by eleven I was wearing woolies: The temperature never did get into the seventies. Woke this morning to find that, just for variety, it had rained a lot overnight.

Don’t think I’ll be watering the trees today. But I will bring the trailer to shit-shoveling because I’d rather haul away four days’ worth of backbreaking mud than seven. The sun’s shining at the moment so there’s no excuse. Open the gate and abandon hope, it’s time to go to work now.

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Someday I’d like to see one of these things actually work.

Instead they always end up being heart-breaking cons.

Wendy McElroy: The Fate of Galt’s Gulch Chile

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – If you want to live free, don’t sit back and wait for somebody else to build all the infrastructure. That way lies …

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Really? That’s what they’re trained to do?

There’s your problem right there, then.

Family upset officers used deadly force against suicidal teen

Dig the journalistic neutrality in this one…

During the encounter, officers with the Ottawa Police Department and Franklin County Sheriff’s Office were involved in a shooting.

…which is completely accurate, if by ‘involved in a shooting’ you mean they shot an unarmed, suicidal kid sixteen times, while in absolutely no jeopardy themselves.

Jennings puffed out his chest at officers, Smith said, and made several gestures that could have looked like he was going for a gun. Smith believed she and her husband could have handled Jennings had the police let them. Instead, Smith said, officers told her husband to get back.

It’s okay, though. Everything went exactly according to plan.

Ottawa Police Chief Dennis Butler said officers did what they were trained to do.

“They reacted based upon the training that they’ve been given from the academy,” Butler said. “We were thankful that no officer was injured from protecting themselves from risk of great bodily harm.”

Seems to me like they could have protected everybody including themselves much better by staying home. But I’m sure that’s just the attitude of a cop-hater.

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Okay, look, I’m not much of a joiner and don’t really have a strong opinion on the JPFO/Gottlieb thing. But…

Whenever Massad Ayoob weighs in on a matter, I always just sort of assume he’s wrong*. So now I hate the SAF, even though I didn’t when I woke up this morning.

*Because cops.

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You spent money on this? On purpose?

And then even after seeing what you’d wrought, you went ahead and made it public anyway.

That’s…really amazingly stupid.

I don’t make these things up…

H/T to Bear.

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Hee. The Huey P. Newton Gun Club. I’m loving it.

As Donald Sensing correctly points out, this is the whole reason we ended up with a gun control movement in the first place. A southern white man could have driven around with a Maxim gun in the back of his truck in the early twentieth, and people would have commented on what a cool gun that was. But god help us if black people were to arm themselves. No, we must be protected against that.

And it’s been quite a long time, if ever, since a lot of black people felt protected by cops. Makes perfect sense to me that some might decide it’s best if police abuse has at least a potential cost. Though I notice that this clip contains an example of what I consider one of the saddest, sorriest sentences ever uttered in my language:

‘If you’re not doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about the police.’

And it’s not coming from a white person.

He might want to consider that it’s the one with the gun who gets to decide if you’re doing anything wrong.

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Montana politics must be weird.

Way back when I was trying to decide where I wanted to live out the rest of my days, the state of Montana was on the short list. It didn’t make the cut because I didn’t actually know anyone there and it was rather too close to Canada for my taste. I have nothing whatever against Canada as such, but have already enjoyed as much of its weather as I care to.

Looking back, I see that as usual I had performed no due diligence at all. I made assumptions about Montana’s political climate based entirely on cherry-picked anecdotes, exactly the way I used to seek employment – with monotonously disastrous results.

Point is, I think of Montana as this bastion of freedomista, laissez-faire thinking when in fact things like this seem to happen pretty regularly up there.

Montana Democrats had a quick meeting to replace John Walsh as their Senate candidate after revelations that he had plagiarized his master’s degree work. They selected Amanda Curtis, a Montana state representative.

Rep. Curtis was nominated for the United Stated Senate by the Montana Democratic Party on August 16, 2014. Less than two weeks earlier, on August 4, she tagged herself in this photograph featuring IWW [International Workers of the World] banners and identifying Curtis as an FW, or “Fellow Worker,” the term used in IWW for group members.

AmandaCurtis2Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

My older brother once posited that intelligent life can’t exist at temperatures below the freezing point of water. I’m looking at some fairly compelling evidence that he might have been correct. And in any case it’s safest to assume that a place where that lady could be nominated as a senate candidate wouldn’t welcome the likes of me.

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