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I tend to a more collaborative approach…

But I still think this is hilarious. A long-time reader sent me a link to an article about a line of ads pushing J-B Weld, a product I do actually keep around the Lair. He said ol’ Curmudgeonly Joel coulda … Continue reading

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“Why do you hate children?”

I am reminded of a recurring pro-Israel meme (and I don’t want to debate this because it’s all propaganda and I simply don’t know which side is more right or wrong) that refugee camps set up after the first Arab-Israeli … Continue reading

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Oh, this is good stuff.

Go Carl! Problems and Solutions No doubt, you’ve heard all about how [background] checks have stopped sales to bad guys 2.5 million (or whatever number is being bandied about of late) times. The reality is that with a false positive … Continue reading

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“Never meet your heroes, you’re bound to be disappointed.”

I happened upon that bit of folk wisdom this morning during the first cup, and it sent my memory stumbling through some dark, cluttered rooms. Actually, sometimes it’s beneficial to meet your heroes. It can save you pain. But bring … Continue reading

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Scrounging a porch

I have several pieces of good 3/4″ plywood, none very big, to use as decking for the new front porch. I have a non-negotiable width of 12′, and a depth to be determined – depending on what I can do … Continue reading

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The muleys are back!

There has been a sharp reduction in the number of cattle running around the Gulch. They’re not gone, just sharply reduced. Don’t know if he just moved them to better grazing, or if they’re on feed lots. Don’t care, as … Continue reading

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Donald Trump ignores the problems of amputees of color in recent speech on Mueller probe.

Women and minority amputees hardest hit. Yeah – okay, sorry. Too much time with NPR on the Jeep radio. Hey, I’ve been painting a lot. It’s either talk radio or beer. I’ve been replenishing my stump socks and assorted prosthesis-related … Continue reading

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Due to Trump Administration mismanagement, global warming is causing the hay quality around here to suck.

(and something something lack of common sense – no, no, strike that – reasonable control of gun violence. And throw in something about how Melania hates diversity. And puppies. Yeah. Hoi polloi love puppies.) (ahem) Where was I? Oh yeah! … Continue reading

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Paint it green, pt. 2 – and a new porch

When BB was here last month he subsidized this season’s paint. I got a big five-gallon pail of pretty much the right shade of green, but it seems more glossy than I expect in a semi-gloss. Or maybe that’s just … Continue reading

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He’s weird, but I don’t have space to judge.

And he shares my notions of how to treat unwelcome visitors. Must confess he’s better at it. Enjoy.

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The last thing I ever thought the Lair would start collecting…

You might recall that last month, while BB was here, we installed a 12-volt ceiling fan in the Lair’s bedroom. Problem was I’d pulled a simple duplex for the ceiling box, and the fan came with an electronic controller that … Continue reading

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If anybody out there is into sculpture, we need to discuss a commission.

Because I need one of these real bad. I believe I’ve actually seen this around here*. h/t to JDZ — *this statement is a lie.

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It’s because they’re black, isn’t it?

I have to go feed chickens, then paint for a while. I thought, as I finished breakfast, “I’ll do almost anything to postpone that. What’s happening on the Internet?” And then I saw this bit of petulant bigotry… Report: Costco … Continue reading

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It’s easy. You just make up a lie, repeat it as bland truth ten thousand times…

…get your useful idiots to repeat the lie so often that most anybody uninvested in the actual facts will naturally assume it must be true. Then come up with a simple “art exhibit,” protesting the “fact” you made up. Activists … Continue reading

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Some better pictures of that roadrunner

I’ve left the game camera in a place where interesting things happen, but not very often. So since 5/11, this is as good as it gets…

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“So…it went well, then?”

Really wondered what I was going to find when I visited the Big Chickenhouse this morning. I imagined all the incumbent hens welcoming the newcomers, inviting them to tea, sharing memorable egg photos. Maybe a nice Tupperware party to help … Continue reading

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Goodbye Fortress of Attitude, Hello Little Gitmo.

The four hens in the Fortress of Attitude did something other hens at the Lair have done in the past: They sorted out one of their number for persecution and violence for no apparent reason, though they’ve always previously gotten … Continue reading

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April wind and cold and heat and drought…

…bring May flowers.

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Under Trump administration mismanagement, climate change causes devastation in Hawaii…

Women and children of color hardest hit. No, I can’t really back that up. Just haven’t had my coffee yet and I’m anticipating the Monday headlines.

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New thing I made…

Regular readers are familiar with this… That’s my indoor meter for DC voltage, installed in late 2014 after years of wishing for one. Big Brother made it. It’s a huge help but was never quite perfectly adequate because (of course) … Continue reading

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