A crooked little man builds a crooked little house…

You wouldn’t think it would be this hard to get it right.

My power/storage shed is only eight by eight. Yeah, most of the dimensional lumber is salvaged from an old shed I tore down – that wasn’t built all that sturdily to begin with – and re-using those two wall frames in their entirety isn’t proving to have been the wisest move I ever made.

Then there was that windstorm, that took an already shaky frame and turned it into something positively comical. That slowed me down a bit.

But I’ve got it straight(er) and stiff(er) than it was, and it’s time to slap up the roof and walls as fast as ever I can, because my last electrical system component is due any day and I need a place out of the weather to mount it.

Still have a little trenching to do. The big new PV panel will be mounted on the roof of the Lair, and of course that’s where the breaker box is. (The Lair that is; not the roof.) So I need to run cable from the panel to the shed, and then back to the breaker box. But when all is done I should not only have a lot more battery capacity, since the batteries will actually get a full charge during the day, but I’ll also have an inverter that can run power tools. A 1500-watt auto inverter turns out (who knew?) to be completely inadequate for circular saws. Also compressors. And that’s unfortunate, because if I hope to get the Lair’s interior paneling done in my lifetime I need to borrow Landlady’s chop saw and brad gun. Which requires an air compressor.

So you see, I’m a victim of the interconnectedness of all things. :}

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