A crowded ride to the county road…

So I took the bike to town late this morning to get some lug nuts for the Jeep…

…and met some residents on the way out to the road.

Neighbor L was out on her dopy horse Coaltrain. He’s only afraid of two things, things that move and things that don’t, but when he meets one of those things his first reaction is to run away as fast as possible, if necessary dumping inconvenient loads along the way. So L tends to head for the weeds when she sees an oncoming vehicle and it’s generally considered polite to get way over to the side of the road and slow WAY down. He did pretty well this morning, though.

Ran into a cattle herd along the way…

Most of the calves are still really small and staying near their mamas. Now and then you’ll see an early birth who thinks he’s hot stuff and can handle life alone…

…but mostly if you see a little one there’s a big cow around somewhere very close even if you can’t see her right away.

The cows are generally too timid to be dangerous. It’s not real good to be afoot when there’s a breed bull close by, though.

And on the way back from town, the bike and I celebrated a milestone…

200 miles without serious incident, almost all of it off pavement. I like this bike.

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4 Responses to A crowded ride to the county road…

  1. BobF says:

    Joel, another post that reminds me of why I do so much enjoy your writing. You take the most simple things of life and turn them into experiences, and it doesn’t take you a whole book to do it. Thanks for the pictures.

    Uh, has anyone tried playing a little jazz for ColeTrain? Heh.

    And now another med. Oral surgery this morning. First time in my life with sedation. Absolutely great during. Worthless beginning 2 hours later. And it’s money up front; hurts just as much. 🙁

  2. Russ says:

    Joel, what model of RAD Bike is it?

  3. Joel says:

    It’s a RadRover.

  4. John in Philly says:

    If we are out hiking, and see a horse approaching, we get well off the trail and begin talking to the horse.
    Same rules applied when we used to ride our bikes on trails.
    Most of the horse people appreciated our efforts.

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