A few Friday details…

Where have all the hummers gone? Maybe it’s the unseasonably cool weather – it should be hot by now – but they’re currently rare in the air. Neighbor L has mentioned the same thing, we got some business from migrants but few cared to stay and apply for citizenship. Probably flying up to Seattle to suck up that sweet, sweet government welfare, judging my own private charity substandard.

That leaves this one solitary black-chin, who except for the matter of no mate is living in a hummer’s paradise. Maybe he’s a burnt-out old hermit, I couldn’t say. He doesn’t want to hang around and shoot the shit. Either way I’m trying to come up with a decent name for him.

Water Pressure Update: I measured the level in the water tank yesterday, and it’s down to about 1500 gallons from its original 2000+. So far…

Approximately zero overall drop in pressure. There is an odd phenomenon I don’t have a good explanation for: The pressure tends to be about 5 psi higher in the morning, when everything is cold. There can’t be that much variation in the temperature of the water in the tank, it’s such a terrific heatsink. But there must be some, and of course there’s a pretty big water column that might change pressure slightly. But either way, why higher when it’s colder? I have no standing to even offer an opinion.

Ian’s here! He and Landlady came up last evening, and we’re getting an early start on replacing his porch roof. There are care packages including much food and some pretty cool and unexpected swag so I’ll get to that. And also Ian wants to shoot a fairly involved video involving his highspeed camera while he’s here. So a busy but fun weekend beckons. I’m off to do it.

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4 Responses to A few Friday details…

  1. Paul Joat says:

    Could it be the temperature in your cabin effecting the gauge?

  2. Cederq says:

    Colder water is denser, maybe enough to change the water column pressure just enough down at your gauge.

  3. S says:

    The difference in tank level from 2000 to 1500 gallons is maybe 2 feet? I’m guessing. That’s about 1 PSI difference. If you’re seeing 5 PSI changes when its colder, it has to be your gauge being a thermometer as well as pressure gauge. It happens.

  4. terrapod says:

    I guess we have empirically proven that the water column (50 feet) from tank to faucet, is not much affected by a drop of a couple of feet at the tank. As there is likely air in the line to the gauge, temperature would cause that to expand or shrink. Try bleeding all air out of the line by carefully loosening the gauge such that it bubbles out until it becomes a steady water stream then re-tighten. Maybe that will help.

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