A good day for Materialist Joel…

Yesterday winter came by the gulch briefly, just to say hi. I knew something was up because we had absurdly warm temps followed by two days of gale winds and if that doesn’t blow in a change I don’t know what will. Yesterday dawned…well, almost not at all. Thick, gloomy clouds full of the first snow we’ve had in over a month. In hopes of jazzing enough juice into my broken batteries for lights at night, I just spent the whole day assuming I had no electricity at all. Good thing I’ve gotten into the habit of grinding my coffee the day before, because Coffee-Time Plan B involves stale pre-ground stuff from the local market. As every primitivist desert hermit knows, life is too short for lousy coffee.

Be all that as it may, yesterday was a very good day for Materialist Joel. A very generous contribution came in via Paypal, marked “Power to the Lair! ……and a bottle of your favorite single malt.” And with no more ado than that the Lair’s new batteries were paid for, as was a shopping trip to the dollar store where I gorged on canned goods for my winter-depleted shelf…100_3699…as well as the non-sexy things I hate spending money on, like time for my tracfone. Bought fifteen gallons of gasoline, which I believe is the first time I’ve owned fifteen whole gallons of gas at one time in over a year, and attempted to fill two propane bottles but was thwarted by a bad valve in one of my precious bottles. It happens.

Got home to find that Landlady had arrived with care packages from TUAK readers! Landlady got the flu and missed one of her regular trips, so some of these go back to December…100_3695

100_3698Food! Cheese and sausage, and a package of peanut/cashew/pecan brittle. This went straight back into a sack for a trip to Landlady’s because it’s not every day I have something I can enjoy sharing with somebody else … and somebody else to share it with.

Meanwhile another kind reader sent something for the children…100_3697Remember some weeks ago when we were discussing what to do with a naked hen? Well, here are two hen sweaters for just such an eventuality. I suspect I’ll enjoy seeing this more than the ladies will enjoy posing, but I promise a picture sometime very soon.

Same nice lady also sent some smoked pigs’ ears for the boys and they’d say thanks…100_3701…but they’re a little busy.

Also cash donations from three kind folks! Thanks very much, kind folks! You guys are the best.

The clouds cleared out overnight and temperatures dropped back to frigid, as is more reasonable for early February. It’s ten o’clock as I write this, and the fire’s still going in the woodstove as outdoor temps are still mid-twenties. Yesterday’s snow put some new moisture in play so we had heavy frost for the first time in weeks.

I got a relatively early start, because Landlady wanted company sighting in her new rifle. Remember these guys? Well, Ian’s not a big AR fan but Karl apparently is, and between them they built her an AR to replace Vera the Chopped M1, which is awesome cool but really hasn’t proven such a great match for Landlady’s frame…

Any day started by sighting in a new rifle can’t be all bad. But now she’s on her way back to the city. I’ve got my ‘pooter back, LB’s sacked on the Lair’s one-and-only doggie bed and I’m about to stir things up because Ghost never came back from visiting Landlady and I have to go try to find him.

You guys have a nice rest of the weekend. And thanks so much for all the consideration.

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6 Responses to A good day for Materialist Joel…

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    That’s wonderful, Joel. And yes, coffee is essential. I think of all the things I’d miss in a serious SHTF situation, that would be one of the most difficult to bear day to day. And GOOD coffee is so fragile… sigh.

  2. Dick says:

    “Any day started by sighting in a new rifle can’t be all bad.”
    Universal Truth

  3. coloradohermit says:

    Looks like you’re having a fun packed ground hog day and hopefully stocked for 6 more weeks of winter! YeeHaw!

  4. Keith says:

    Six more weeks?

    around here, the old guys reckoned you should still have at least half of your stock of hay intact on Valentine’s day.

  5. abnormalist says:

    just saying, when it comes to power outages, this is not a bad way to grind your beans

    gives you a new understanding to the aroma too 🙂

  6. Joel says:

    One of these days I’m going to get another hand grinder. I had an old-fashioned one but it was almost impossible to use. But a mortar and pestle? I think not.

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