A really cool gadget

In an intellectual sort of way I know that Blackberry has been around since (around) the last century. I’ve always associated it with self-important middle managers in cufflinks and suspenders, strutting around the cubicle farm talking into the air so we’d all know how ever so they are. Frankly, unless we’re discussing the actual fruit, “blackberry” is one of those words to which I have an immediate unfavorable reaction for no better reason than the above.

But late winter/early spring 2019 I started looking for ways to listen to documentaries or podcasts or whatever while hiking, and nothing was working for me. The phone’s speaker was too faint, an exterior speaker was too clunky, earbuds blocked out everything but the phone plus the cord was always tangling on things. Just before going to the Big City in June I experimentally ordered this thing…

…and damned if I don’t use it every day. It was super cheap, allows me to still hear what’s going on around me, the talky bit folds up out of the way so I don’t look like I’m playing Geezer Team Six all the time, the battery life is phenomenal, and in the unlikely event that the phone rings while I’m using it I can answer the damned thing with a single button push instead of digging the phone out of a pocket and fiddling with a bunch of uncooperative wires.

As it happens, D&L are having a bit of a generator crisis this morning and have called me twice – I’m leaving for their place in half an hour – and I was walking around listening to Ian’s monthly Q&A which I always enjoy. Prior to the headset, repeated (increasingly urgent) phone calls while I’m trying to follow a lengthy video would have been a real pain in my geriatric ass – but now one button push pauses the video and answers the phone. You can have your conversation and go back to the vid without a lot of hassle.

Here’s another way the Secret Lair has entered the last half of the twentieth century, with enthusiastic adoption of a form of technology I once turned my nose up at. 🙂

ETA: I spent the first para going on about Blackberries when the word I should have used was Bluetooth. You know: Those obnoxious blue earpieces that were all the rage among middle managers around the turn of the century.

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6 Responses to A really cool gadget

  1. brew says:

    I’ve been thinking of getting something like that. Can you provide a link or the specific name of the product?

  2. Eric says:

    You are way more high tech than me, I still think peep sights are the cats ass. Oh and I am only 49. 🙂

  3. rickr says:

    Joel, Blackberries were like that, too! 😀

  4. Robert says:

    Considering it’s photographed on a wood stove, I have to ask about battery life: how many hours per cord?
    I had a fancy-schmancy blue-whtsits earpiece once. Teeny enough to fit in a shirt pocket. In the washing machine. I don’t have one anymore. Sigh.

  5. I like the Bluetooth earpieces. Small, lightweight and the current one I have has an 11 hour battery life. Of course, with migraines, anything that goes over the top of my head is problematic.

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