A symbolic beginning, but a beginning.

That’s the four corners of my new permanent woodshed, which I need to finish so I can move the big pile of firewood that didn’t get burned on schedule this winter, which I need to move so I can begin work on the cabin addition. I need to let the cement cure, and then the rest will go up quickly. Never got the blocks I wanted for flooring, but I think I’m going to use native slate instead. That way I can keep moving.

I have found that when I’m lying in bed in the morning thinking through a procedure about two steps ahead of where I am, the project is going well. When I lay there and wonder how I’m ever going to accomplish the next thing I need to do, it’s going badly. By that standard, things are going well. But the season will get away from me if I don’t establish some momentum. I want the bedroom enclosed and painted before Monsoon.

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3 Responses to A symbolic beginning, but a beginning.

  1. MJR says:

    That’s something I run into frequently, dealing with a causal chain and there are times when I gotta say it drives me nuts. Not sure where I read it but, as the saying goes… it’s amateurs who talk strategy and tactics while it’s the professionals who talk logistics. Good luck Joel.

  2. Ben says:

    Can you expand on the term “native slate”? Does that mean “free floor”?

  3. Joel says:

    Does that mean “free floor”?

    Yes. That’s exactly what it means.

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