About time, Joel…

Sweartagod, every propane system upgrade goes like this.

This fitting/hose/pipe/whatever doesn’t fit. Wait a week, get the right part (alternate version: Wait a week, get the wrong part.) That hurdle cleared, move on to the next fitting/pipe/hose/whatever. Which won’t fit. Repeat.

But success always eventually ensues.

For the benefit of any reader who wasn’t raised in an RV park, the bypass regulator is the answer to the very important question, “what happens when my propane bottle sucks dry?”

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6 Responses to About time, Joel…

  1. Terrapod says:

    Have never had to deal with this device. Does it sense when pressure in tank “A” is near zero and self switch to tank “B” which the owner prays is full? 😉

    If I decide to heat my barn with propane, this might be a good solution as like you, don’t want to hump 100 lb tanks for refills. A pair of 40s would be manageable.

  2. Joel says:

    Have never had to deal with this device. Does it sense when pressure in tank “A” is near zero and self switch to tank “B” which the owner prays is full? 😉

    Yeah. You can select which bottle to start with. When both bottles have pressure, there’s a green indicator that goes red when the second bottle kicks in. That way you can tell at a glance when you’ve got a bottle to fill or switch out.

  3. Jc Collins says:

    I’ve explained it to soooo many people, soooo many times. When you hire a plumber, you’re paying for his portable parts warehouse. It’s EASY for a plumber to have $6-10k in parts and fittings in his truck. It is an admission of FAILURE, and A MARK OF SHAME to have to send your helper off to get a part. Guy who shows up in a basic truck, no Koening bed, is not serious. He probably takes his wife out to dinner in that truck. Raised roof Econoline or Transit van, with shelving units on both sides and an aisle down the center full of toolboxes, with a roof rack of tubing stock? That’s your man. Never wants to see the inside of a plumbing supply wholesaler again. Keeps a spreadsheet on his laptop, puts in an order once a week with his supplier every Friday for pickup at Will Call on Monday early. Has his helper go in and collect it, while he hangs out in climate controlled comfort. Drives his wife’s car when they go out to dinner on Saturday night.

  4. Jeffrey says:

    RE: Jc Collins’ comment above – Absolute truth. It’s “Homeowner Legend” that any plumbing task will require multiple trips to the home center/hardware store/etc. to complete, and task complexity is measured in number of trips: “that was a 5 trip job.” The guy with the Storeroom on Wheels – and the expertise to use it intensively – is worth the $50-75/hour.

    On an earlier post I asked about a couple 100 lb tanks on a small trailer and you responded with a mention of “….a lot of low-income hermits without wells haul their water. 300g tank permanently mounted on a little utility trailer of some sort.”

    Am I to assume small utility trailers work well for 2400 lbs of water but fail miserably when the cargo is 200 lbs of propane?

  5. william conrad says:

    Used to work at HD in the plumbing dept. Any guy that came in looking for a part I used to say ” that’s a 3 trip job” Of course he never came back to HD the 3rd time, he went to Lowes.

  6. RCPete says:

    I had to swap out the 2017 vintage Flame King bypass regulator. Tank A went empty, and it didn’t switch to Tank B. Putting a full tank in A didn’t help, so it was off to the ‘zon for a replacement. Since I knew the fittings were a PITA, I got an identical one. Actually two, because it’s a kind of important heat source. (It keeps my pumphouse from freezing in the winter. I have mains for backup, but the system normally runs on solar, and it’s a bit of a challenge to keep it warm enough in winter with electricity. Our personal coldest has been -28F…)

    OTOH, the generic bypass regulator in another outbuilding has been going strong since 2005. It’s outlasted one set of pigtails. If either building were close enough to the big tank, I’d go that way, but noooooooooope.

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