Addendum to the cancer post below…

The preceding is NOT repeat NOT a bleg. Torso Boy is a cool little guy and if he were two years old rather than pushing ten I’d probably do it. There’s actually a way for poor people to go into hock for pet treatment, and given how close I am to pulling Social Security I’d be seriously tempted by it … but let’s face a fact, TB ain’t a young dog. He’s not a really OLD dog, which pisses me right the hell off. But no.

I’m just saying, I had a vision of generous readers hitting the tip jar to the tune of thousands of dollars – it has happened here, it’s how I got my eye surgery and a good bit of Lair construction – and this is not one of those situations where doing that would really help a lot. So please don’t do that.

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24 Responses to Addendum to the cancer post below…

  1. Anonymous says:

    Noted, and understood. Just gotta say though, that they can last a while longer if in decent health, or at the least getting something to get them lasting a bit longer. Last corgi we had went 16 years, was in decent shape until the last couple of weeks.

  2. Wayne Dygert says:

    Well f**k… Think I’ll have a Scotch

  3. robert orians says:

    The treatment is as bad as the disease . I want to give you comfort and hope but I been there , done that . Never put my dog through that again . When they no longer respond to your touch the suffering indicates it’s time . So sorry !

  4. Dave says:

    Sorry to hear about this. Just lost one of mine to cancer. Hard days.

  5. Ben says:

    Especially with cancer, there is a fine line between prolonging life vs prolonging death. It seems to me that you are making the kindest choice for your little friend.


  6. bobbookworm says:

    Gotta go with Ben on this one. We have had 3 that we have lost to cancer and after the first we have opted for no extreme measures. Keep them comfortable until you can’t and then let them go.
    You have our sympathy…Mrs. Bookworm and I will say a little prayer for Torso Boy and you both.

  7. Retired cop says:

    Euthanasia on my Rotti was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. You’ll know when the time is right. His pain will make it evident. I’ll grieve for you both.

    Retired Cop

  8. Beans says:

    My Rottie kept a stiff upper lip when dealing with a sarcoma on her paw. Just kept it clean and taken care of. She was happy and cuddly and fine until she wasn’t, then it was time.

    Fucking cancer.


    Now I’m going to go cry a bit.

  9. Dale Carlson says:

    Now on my 6th and 7th dogs over my lifetime. I think I love dogs more than most people. Take care of him and make him comfortable until its time. You will know in your heart. My vet came to our home for the euthanasia last time. Very gentle and calming for her last moments on earth. All dogs go to heaven. Also remember there are plenty more who need a good home and some love.

  10. RCPete says:

    I know the feeling. Both of our Italian Greyhounds were fine until they weren’t, and we’re now watching the Lab-Aussie Shepherd getting near the Rainbow Bridge. Lots of seizures and something like Parkinson’s now. I was worried yesterday, since she wasn’t feeling good, but it seems to be the major hot spell we’re going through. That’s what I tell myself, and the occasional waggy tail lets me believe it.

    They die so young, and take a hole in your heart, but the love they give makes up for it. That’s how we keep going, anyway.

    Take care of yourself and Laddie. May God bless you and him.

  11. Winston Smith says:

    My first Akita had lymphosarcoma. It was 1 year from first symptom to death at 7. That was decades ago and i am still not over it despite burying multiple dogs after him. Do whatever it takes to make him happy while he is here- as others have said, he will let you know when it is time. Dont hesitate when that time comes. Its about him, not you or anyone else.
    Sometimes the greatest most loving thing you can do for a loved one is to let them go.

  12. Cliff says:

    So sorry Joel.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, guys.

  14. Tennessee Budd says:

    Joel, animals get tough breaks, as well as humans. You’re short a leg, I have one that doesn’t work much anymore. I had a tomcat that I–well, tolerated & didn’t shoot at–cancer knocked him out more quickly than I knew possible.
    Torso Boy has been exposed to new horizons by living with you, has seen (and SMELLED!) things that he never suspected even existed, & had a great time being the Baddest Low-Slung Tubby Dog in the Whole Wide Desert (as far as he knows).
    I could have bought Speedbump the Tomcat a bit more time, at similar expense, & the result would have been the same, only later. The choice is yours, but I’d just give him the best life he has remaining. From your blog, he’s probably happier than ever already. He’s broken you to his ways pretty well.
    God bless.

  15. Anonymous says:

    ML is waiting when he’s ready. It’s a strange world with wondrous things, he has two Companions who adore him and will finish his run when need be. Chicken,

  16. Anonymous says:

    Remove unintentional chicken – where the blazes did that come from?

  17. SLee says:

    Oh Joel, I hate Murphy! (Gentle) hugs to you and Laddie. He has become a happy, cattle-herding desert dog, all because of you. We are with you two in spirit.

  18. Spud says:

    Each time , I swear that is the last one…the heartache is just too much !
    Then inevitably another lost soul makes their way into my path.
    I wonder how I’ll endure my newest best lil buddies passing too.

  19. Sorry to hear the news. Since no one has said this explicitly – I just want to mention that many vets will do a house call euthanasia. This can take a lot of the stress from an animal at an already rough time. It’s always a good idea to get to know the local vets and sound them out in advance of an emergency. In your case you may have to screen them for 4wd capability or ferry them in the last leg.

  20. PaulB says:

    Sorry to hear about the dog. And he had just found his calling, herding the cows away.

    They do leave a hole and all too fast.

  21. beaner49 says:

    to me this work by Kipling captures the man/dog symbiosis

    Do what is right for the little guy , you will know when.

  22. jefferson101 says:

    I lost a very special dog to the same thing about 15 years ago. My Vet told me “You can probably keep her alive for a bit over a year, but it’s going to cost $5000 or more. She will suffer from the treatments. If we give her Prednisone, we can get four to six months, and she will not suffer at all.”

    We went with the Prednisone. She had three good months, three fair weeks, and then went outside and couldn’t get vertical to come back in. She was tired, and didn’t want to do it any more. We pulled the plug at that point.

    It’s sad that we lose our friends, but such is the way of the world. Try to not think that you eventually lost them, but to be glad you had them while they were here.

    I hate losing my dogs, but if I didn’t lose them, I’d never have had them in the first place. They don’t last as long as we do, but they are our friends forever.

  23. Well, damn. I’m a cat person, but I’ve been where you are. I’ve made the mistake of dragging it out too far and the mistake of not going far enough. It’s hard when your patient can’t talk to you.

    Something I was told once-no matter what decision you make, as long as it’s made from love, it isn’t the wrong decision. Me, I’d try the prednisone to give him some more good time. It’ll be obvious when the good time is done.

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