Ah. You know what I like?

I like being done with a dreaded project, everything put away, before it even gets hot.


The difference between painting the top of the west side of the Lair while standing on the new addition, and painting the east side of the Lair while standing on a ladder, is that I can do that first thing. I don’t like it – I don’t like heights – but I can do it. On a ladder I’ll get up there and just freeze. So the top of the east side gets painted – messily – with an absurdly long paint pole and doesn’t require much prep.

I’ve been putting off the top of the west side because it does require time-consuming prep and because – although I can do it – I really hate going up there. Uncle Joel doesn’t do heights well. But since I lag-bolted that handle up there giving me something to grip and something to tie the ladder to, transferring from the ladder to the roof and even from the roof to the ladder isn’t all that scary. It’s a lot easier if I have something solid to grip.

So early this morning, while the wall was still in cool shadow, I did all the meticulous preparation that would let me go up there and do a good job of painting the west wall over the bedroom. All the other green walls got painted in May, but I kept finding excuses to put this one off. It got painted last year but not very well. I knew I had to go up there and do a much better job of it, and the knowledge kind of sucked a little of the pleasure out of my days. Now it’s behind me.

Wow, I need to bring the ladder, hose and squeegee-on-a-pole around back and clean the dust off those solar panels. Maybe that’s why it seems like the batteries have been recharging a little later in the morning.

The other thing I like? That deep cleansing breath you take when the big scary thing is behind you or dead. Feels like it exercises every cell in your lungs.

While I had the green paint out, and before the sun started heating up the back which it will all day, I touched up some parts of the back wall I hadn’t quite gotten to in May. So that’s behind me. The Next Thing is the back door and stairs.

Okay – really the very next thing is the trim around the front bedroom window, which got put off because of a lumber glitch. But nothing stops me from doing that now, and it won’t take long. Then the back door and stairs.

Back in April Big Brother subsidized the Lair with a five-gallon pail of good green paint, better than the local Ace carries. I’ve gone all around the Lair with it twice now, and it looks as if there’s still enough to repaint the woodshed and solar panel rack, as hoped. Good to know.

For the record, day before yesterday I did go up on this mesa I know where there’s good big thin flat flakes of loose shale…

It’s not in my normal daily stomping grounds, but I was halfway there on another errand so it made sense to go up there and bring back a couple of sorta natural patio stones…

And I set those level for the space heater’s propane bottles rather than go to the expense of pouring a slab. They’ll work in fine, probably.

Still need to buy concrete for the back stairs, though. Bother – it’s available locally, but at robbery prices. Probably save 40% if I wait till the next time I go to the big town.

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3 Responses to Ah. You know what I like?

  1. doubletrouble says:

    Joel- Is the Lair roof Ondura? Looks like it… I’ve had very good service from ours, on the barn.

  2. Joel says:

    I don’t recall the brand name. It’s a heavy corrugated fiberglass/asphalt-like material, cheaper than metal roofing when I got it nine years ago but to tell the truth I’m not very happy with the way it’s wearing. Doesn’t appear to be a 20-year roof.

  3. Mike says:

    The lair is looking good. I understand your trepidation with heights, no sane person likes working off a ladder when there is the possibility a fall could end things. You are a brave man Joel.

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