Almost Spring?

I hope things are going better where you are, because here the weather has been almost sinfully pleasant. By the last week in February I’m generally so sick of winter I make a game of noting when the sunlight first hits the ridgetop in the morning, and when it leaves it in the evening.

100_3757Almost six o’clock in the evening. Seems like last week it’d be dead black outside by now. But here the sunlight is, just barely still on the cliff across the wash.

And I’m taking the picture in a T-shirt. Haven’t lit the stove in the evening since I don’t remember when. I’m thinking of emptying the chainsaw’s fuel for the season, but that’s probably tempting Uncle Murphy too much. Still, I went out to split kindling this evening, looked in the woodshed, and there’s still damn near half a cord of wood in there. I do believe this has been the mildest winter I’ve spent in the desert. Keep waiting for the shoe to drop, and now I’m starting to wonder if it will.

A couple of weeks ago an old-timer told me a wet Monsoon always means a dry winter. Don’t know if that’s really true. But as phenomenally wet as last summer was, I was expecting a really snowy winter and we hardly got any.

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7 Responses to Almost Spring?

  1. David Forward says:

    Beware of the next wave of the anthropogenic global warming caused polar vortex…or whatever the wackos are calling bad weather nowadays…if you drain your chainsaw the Church of Gore will sense it and chant prayers to the weather gods and bury you in 20 feet of snow and subzero temperatures.

  2. Draining the chainsaw would just be asking for it!

    I’ve a peach tree that opened blooms about 5 days ago. Many of the plants around here are definitely getting bold about this Spring weather. I’ve even seen a couple tiny little grasshoppers out – gives me the chills…

    This is some interesting weather. No predictions here – I’m just along for the ride.

  3. MJR says:

    From up here in the Great White North, North of disorder…

    Earlier I read your post and thought that maybe you were right and things are not so bad. The days are indeed getting longer and there was not thaaaat much snow last night (4 inches). So it was time to clean up the driveway with the old snow-blower. I went outside and, while the wind was calm and the scenery was gorgeous, the cold (-20 C) struck me like a dull nail in the chest. Yes I made the mistake, duh, of not looking at the thermometer. After cleaning up the snow in the driveway outside I came in and had to have a strong, hot coffee to warm these old bones. I do wish you would stop tempting Murphy for even when he leaves you alone it is us poor schmucks that he terrorizes in your place. ;^)

  4. Phssthpok says:

    Well of COURSE you had a mild winter… you finally got the floor insulated and the woodstove installed.

  5. coloradohermit says:

    MJR nailed it with “I do wish you would stop tempting Murphy for even when he leaves you alone it is us poor schmucks that he terrorizes in your place. ;^)”

    In the last 3 hours we’ve gone from a balmy 46 degrees to 11 degrees and falling with freezing mist filling the air. Please quit messing with Murphy, Joel.

  6. Joel says:

    Sorry (slinks away red-faced…)

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