Anachronism can be awesome!


Linoge finally unveils the kydex race holster for his C96 Mauser – via Oleg Volk.

The physical universe should collapse under the very weight of so much anachronism squeezed into so small a package.

I am so gorram jealous.

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10 Responses to Anachronism can be awesome!

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Looks as if that might work out as long as he never wanted to sit down while armed… Or maybe the shape of a man’s hip makes that possible. I don’t know. Would not work for me. 🙂 I just love having a choice – and so should everyone else.

    I choose leather… can’t stand kydex anything. sigh.

    Anyone want the dozen or so kydex holsters and mag carriers that came with assorted guns I’ve bought over the years? I’ll never use them.

  2. Robert Evans says:

    Now Linoge is ready for his gunfight with Greedo. Shoot first, Linoge!

  3. Joel says:

    If I met Greedo I’d shoot first. And second and third and as many times as it took. Even if I didn’t have a tricked-out broomhandle Mauser.

    Then I’d probably get sued by Skywalker Ranch for wrecking one of their props…

  4. MJR says:

    Ever since seeing a B spy movie named “The Second Best Secret Agent in the Whole Wild World” I have always wanted a C96 broomhandle Mauser. Sadly it was not to be…

  5. Buck says:

    Yes …… yes I would. It even seems appropriate in my current setting.

  6. Linoge says:

    Can you blame me for wanting to wait until there were some truly awesome pictures out there?

    And, no, sitting down is definitely not… easy… with that holster. But it is predominantly meant as a BBQ rig and maybe a competition thing, if you really felt like spending half an hour reloading ;).

  7. That is Just. Freakin. Awesome.

    And now there’s this sudden irrational desire to one-up: if I could just get my hands on a Borchardt…


  8. anonymous says:

    If that came in crossdraw, that might be interesting. The gun itself is pretty awesome but round handled grips don’t index well for me.

  9. Joel says:

    I don’t think round handled grips index well for anybody. Never could understand what they were thinking, with some of the early pistol grips.

  10. Linoge says:

    The grips actually index, for me at least, with one of my knuckles trapped between the trigger guard and the grip. I guess I do not have tiny euro-male hands…

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