And lo! Much sweating was found in the land.

Phase three, gully ditch restoration under way.

More weather blew through yesterday, today is all cloudy and uncertain, and my modem is having another of its bratty little episodes. So I’m mostly out of touch with the outside world.

Which is just as well, because it removes another excuse not to dig out the drainage ditch for the gully behind the Secret Lair. In phase one, I located and cleared the gray water outlet pipe. Phase two, dig a small trench through all the new silt so the sink can drain to the meadow. Phase one and two were easy.

Phase three: Dig a new gully ditch. And it would be too much to hope that the old one was only filled with nice soft silt, wouldn’t it? Considering how many rocks ended up in my driveway, far downstream of the ditch, during the flood? Yeah, too much to hope.

So the lack of sun is keeping the temperature down to reasonable levels for an old man to dig rocks out of mud. But the humidity is not something I’m used to, or ever enjoyed. My back and every bone I ever broke – which is about half of them, all told – keep explaining that sitting in a chair and reading a book would be a much more appropriate use of my time.

Let’s see if I can post another pic; I couldn’t earlier.


Hey, looky there! This time it worked.

The silt resulted from a little mudslide in the gully that promptly washed into my yard via what used to be the drainage ditch. So now I’m removing a good deal of silt and rocks and piling them on the far side of that berm you might be able to vaguely make out on the right, between the ditch and the chicken yard. When it’s done it’ll be a fairly straight shot out to the driveway, which drains across the meadow to the wash, and so avoids property damage if not annoyance and toil.

Meanwhile, another experiment in creative erosion is showing positive signs…


This pic is taken from the mouth of the gully, where I’ve been digging for the past couple of hours. Follow that slope down to the left and you’ll arrive at the Secret Lair, as far too much water and mud have been doing. There’s a lovely new gully forming right where I trenched for the water line a few years ago. That rock berm is an attempt to get the new gully to turn left and flow to the old gully. I filled the new erosion slit with rocks behind the berm that crosses it. The berm slants down the slope toward the camera, which is right where I want the water to go. The first big storm after I laid down the rocks just pushed them out of the way, but this time the plug was strong enough and the water turned left. Oh, a lot of it washed through the berm, but that’s okay: As long as it doesn’t arrive in a flood right at my cabin piers, bringing its burden of silt with it, I’m happy. If you squint hard you can see where the water’s digging a new trench on the right side of the berm.

And that’s how I’m spending my enforced vacation from the internet! 🙂

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