And speaking of clocks and a lack of punctuality…

9 o’clock this morning found me very punctually waiting for a propane guy to come do propane stuff at a neighbor’s house. I can’t describe to service people how to get to the Gulch, so sometimes I have to wait at the county road to lead people in. Comes with the territory.

He actually showed up on the horizon closer to 9:30, which given the comment I wrote just before leaving to keep the appointment sort of tempered my annoyance with amusement.

Turns out Landlady had switched propane providers, so this guy disconnected and replaced the old tank but didn’t haul it off. Which probably means that before long I’ll be sitting beside the county road waiting for another propane guy to show up.

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  1. Mark Matis says:

    Will you have any empty propane tanks with you for him to refill whenever he DOES show up???

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