And then I see things like this…

…and I feel much, much better about every single aspect of my life.

So that’s why they call it Black Friday.

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5 Responses to And then I see things like this…

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Utter insanity. And most of these people don’t have any money to spare to start with… they’re in debt up to their ears and beyond. Such a bargain!

    The joys of living in a little town… I was out of milk, so had to go to the store. Saw an ad for the new Shopco (replaced our general merchandise store) so went in to see it for the first time. Parking lot half empty, no lines… nada Stopped in the parking lot to discuss the upcoming basic pistol class with a man who’d expressed interest earlier in the week. Greeted a number of friends and neighbors.

    I splurged and bought some storage containers on sale. Nine bucks – cash. Oh, and I remembered to go get the milk too. Banner day when I get home with what I went out to buy. 🙂

  2. coloradohermit says:

    Like ML my black friday shopping was primarily at the grocery store. No cars, no lines and some amazing deals on sale/reduced meats.

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  4. Larry Arnold says:

    For a ray of sunshine check out the story behind the “Man Punched in Face” story.–180586131.html

    Rowdy tries to cut in line-punches Shopper-Shopper turns out to be CHL-Rowdy flees-shopping resumes.

  5. winston says:

    Only in America do people go to big box stores and beat the fuck out of eachother to save $50 on the latest and greatest unnecessary purchase….mere hours after giving thanks for what they already have.

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