And there it is…

We finally scraped three figures.

Just briefly, but this is officially the first 100o day of the summer.


My knee decided to go south yesterday, which meant I got to spend the hottest day of the year so far with a nice tight hot brace on my leg.

It’s after 9 in the evening and I’m sweating on my keyboard as I type this. Like last night I probably won’t go to bed for another couple of hours, when the bedroom cools off enough to allow it. Assume the frickin’ lotus position, center my frickin’ chakras, or whatever you’re supposed to do with or to them, and recite my frickin’ koan: “I love the desert. I love the desert. I frickin’ love the frickin’ desert.”

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2 Responses to And there it is…

  1. jrg says:

    It’s hard to love an environment that is so hostile to Life. Standing in full sun – the damn rays actually sting ! Curse you Mr. Sun !!

  2. jabrwok says:

    If you do decide to take up meditation, there’s an appropriate guided script for it here:

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