And there went my well-planned day.

Got a review copy of Claire Wolfe’s and Kit Perez’s Basics of Resistance, which I was eager to read and also now sort of obligated to read right now. Got through the first third of it yesterday evening, with notes, and thought today would be a leisurely matter of finishing that and then writing and posting a review.

Uh huh.

Phone rings. “Can you help us with hay?”

Sure, can do. Jumped in the Jeep. Little Bear liked this part. He got a Jeep ride, got to bark at D&L’s dogs, with whom he may not mingle because in this case mingle = rumble. He and possibly the closest small animal vet would enjoy that, nobody else would. But still. Jeep ride. LB stamp of approval.


25 bales of hay later,…

Back into the Jeep. I meant to go right home and get back to work, I swear. But there’s cold beer in Ian’s fridge. A short detour wouldn’t hurt, right?

Got to Ian’s and was reminded of correspondence I’d completely forgotten…

Was that pile of cement board supposed to go on the pile of stuff outside Landlady’s barn waiting for a trip to the county dump? And on that subject – is Landlady coming up this weekend? Because that would mean the dump run(s) is/are happening tomorrow, which means there are certain trailer-related things I should be doing right now.

Flurry of text messaging ensues. Yes, I am supposed to have the trailer on-site and ready to go. Yes, I should be doing that right now. And also in the process I need to move that pile of cement board. Right now.

I’m a hermit. Scheduling conflicts aren’t in my normal routine like they used to be, and I didn’t always handle them well when they were routine.

🙂 Ah, well. I will get that book read today. And by “today,” I mean this calendar date. I will post a review ASAP, and that’s as much as I promise.

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4 Responses to And there went my well-planned day.

  1. Claire says:

    No rush, Joel. This fellow hermit understands how even hermit schedules can go awry.

    Besides, that review copy carried NO obligations. I hope you enjoy it, but you don’t have to review it unless you’re so moved.

  2. EricS says:

    Joel- recently stumbled across your blog and have thoroughly enjoyed the past few days reading it. I’ve still got lots of reading to do but am looking forward to it. One thing I am curious on is the state in which you are located. I know you call it your secret lair and if it’s a secret, I truly understand. When I was much younger I wandered the high desert a lot and still occasionally try to get out as I love the quiet and solitude it affords.I find I may be somewhat in a similar situation as you were when you first moved out there, a person who tends to forget things (I can’t remember your exact phrase) and somewhat of poorer health which makes employment a memory for me. I still love to tinker and work as I can, but find it typically doesn’t ever fit anyone’s schedule. I’ve learned over the past few years that’s ok and I’ve definitely learned to live on way less than I ever have, yet I find I almost always have what I need.
    Love many of the quote’s on the side of the page. Many of the authors I’m quite familiar with and I am looking forward to your book review.
    Thanks so much for sharing your journey.
    (Hope this didn’t post twice, first time it didn’t seem to take my comments)

  3. Joel says:

    It is somewhat secret, Eric. 🙂

    Glad you’re here. Enjoy.

  4. EricS says:

    Totally understand.
    First post probably would have been longer, but had to attend to three mini loaves of banana bread. Definitely I’m looking forward to testing out your bread recipe, espewith the rosemary in it.

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