And this is why I never do video…

For the benefit of anyone thinking of getting one, the RadRover broke this week. Oh – physically it’s fine but electrically it’s an ex-ebike. This came as terrible news but the cause wasn’t hard to find: an open circuit shook loose between the battery and the charge controller. I figured that out through the highly scientific method of wiggling wires until something changed.

The RadRover is under warranty, which in my situation is both good and bad news. I know approximately where the problem is but getting too intrusive in finding exactly where the problem is can void warranties, especially since I think the intermittent is inside the charge controller case. So I’ve been corresponding with Rad Power Bikes. This didn’t begin promisingly:

Hey there, thanks for writing! This robot response is just to confirm that your request has been received, and a human support agent will get back to you as soon as we’re able.

Due to COVID-19 changing the way that so many think about transportation, we’ve seen an unprecedented increase in the demand for our products resulting in a higher volume of inquiries than we ever expected. Because of this, please note that it will take longer to get back to you than normal,…

…but let it be said that a “human support agent” did get back to me in the fullness of time and has been pretty johnny on the spot about communication since then. He had me check the obvious – “loose connector?” and then wanted a video of the problem.

This is probably my generation’s equivalent of the VCR that always flashes 12:00: The only reason I know how to upload photographs is because I’m a blogger. I never “just send a video.” I literally don’t know how.

Then there’s the small matter of my being an actual frickin’ hermit in the frickin’ desert…

Rad Power Bikes has some sort of account with Dropbox. Don’t ask me to explain it, you’re far more likely to already know than I am. But the Human Support Agent sent me a link and asked me to put a video file there.

It took me two tries to figure out how, even though the instructions actually were almost as simple as “drag files here.” Then it took another two tries and into the wee hours of the night/morning for the file to actually upload without timing out. For a one minute video.

But, good news of a sort. I woke to find…

So that happened. How much good it will do is, as they say, yet to be seen.

Now I have to quick go do something useful before it gets hot or starts raining again, those being the current choices.

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4 Responses to And this is why I never do video…

  1. Ben says:

    In the future, ask the guy if pictures will do!

    Isn’t it interesting how COVID has become the universal excuse for … most everything?

  2. Joel says:

    😀 Yeah, I noticed that.

  3. TK421a says:

    I’ve been using dropbox for years. Whenever I travel and visit friends, invariably they want copies of the photos and videos I take and it’s dropbox to the rescue.

    As for the COVID-19 excuse. When you consider that the infection rate in the USA is climbing like an express elevator and that with 3% of the world’s population, America has roughly 25% of the COVID-19 deaths, maybe it’s not an excuse…

  4. PaulB says:

    Sorry to hear about the flaky bike. I think I would go for a trike model just from the stand point it would not fall over

    But I understand the drop box issues. I have realtively high speed but if I upload something a modem would be faster

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