And yet somehow Florida did not descend into a maelstrom of bloody chaos?

Top. Men.
The State of Florida Failed to Review Thousands of Gun Owner Background Checks Because an Employee Forgot Their Login.

Florida state employee failed to review federal background check profiles on “tens of thousands” of applications for concealed weapons permits over the course of more than a year because he couldn’t remember his login information for the National Instant Criminal Background Check system, the Tampa Bay Times reports.

According to an inspector general’s report, a single employee in the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services simply stopped looking at federal background check information when he forgot how to access the system, which alerts authorities if a concealed carry applicant has disqualifying non-criminal issues, like a history of drug abuse treatment, or a history of inpatient treatment for mental illness.

The article is quick to note that the permits in question were for concealed carry, not for purchase. But still – tens of thousands of permission slips unblessed by the Holy Fed! Surely blood must have run in the streets, or something. The anguished shrieks of the legions of horrified victims should have been audible all the way out to the desert.

Yet I heard nothing. Huh.


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2 Responses to And yet somehow Florida did not descend into a maelstrom of bloody chaos?

  1. Andrew says:

    Well, the actual not-checked background check numbers were considerably less than what was reported, and the Tampa Tribune was doing a hit-piece on Mr. Putnam (who I really want to be our next governor. And the lazy employee was booted, so that’s a non-issue.

  2. Buck. says:

    I dig the Raiders reference.

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