(annoyed grunt) More rain.

Rained all night, the forecast promises rain all day – and I do mean all day. I suppose if I were still counting blessings I’d accept the trade-off of very mild temperatures – it was almost 40o when I got up at 5, I actively burned wood for less than an hour and that only to acknowledge that I’m getting old(er).

Honestly I have no idea how much water we’ve had fall here this winter, since probably less than half of it has come down as snow. It’s been a wet one, and the mud is so ubiquitous I’ve stopped using the upper part of my driveway almost entirely and on those rare and brief periods when I’ve bothered walking I’ve had to come up with alternate routes away from the cabin to avoid persistent bogs. Seriously. The desert has forgotten it’s supposed to be arid – if this is Greta Thunberg’s doing I’m going to track the annoying little tweener down wherever she hides and piss on her shoes.

I’d show you a picture I took of a problem with the drip edge on the porch roof, but the cell signal has been so poor the past few days that I can’t even transfer it to the ‘pooter much less upload it to the site. I’m not even sure this bit of text will really post. You know it’s getting bad when I of all people fret about roof flashing – but it’s not as though there’s anything else to do. I’m getting as barn sour this winter from the rain and mud as I was last winter from the cold, wind and high snow.

I could blame my sparse posting on poor signal quality and the excuse would be somewhat true – but mostly it’s because I spend almost all my daylight hours sitting in a chair and watching movies I’ve already seen or reading books I’ve already read and that’s not exactly scintillating blog fodder. When I take a picture I can’t post it. Uncle Joel’s becoming a grouchy old man who can’t wait for spring.

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8 Responses to (annoyed grunt) More rain.

  1. Kentucky says:

    I’ve been anxiously awaiting spring since mid-October.

  2. Gloria MacWilliams says:

    I’ve been following for awhile but not participating. I love reading about your day to day life – you are an excellent writer and I gather you enjoy it.

    Recently I purchased Walt’s Gulch and Songs. Loved them!! I’d rather have had paperbacks to add to my physical wooden bookcase, but the shipping cost was $50 (international) so went with the ebooks.

    Just wanted to share that, good sir. Take care.

  3. Gloria MacWilliams says:

    Oops, maybe should have sent this to you personally instead of commenting on a particular post. I’ll get the hang of it!

  4. Joel says:

    Aw, that’s okay; my email isn’t working and I haven’t figured out why. Glad you enjoyed the books.

  5. Mike says:

    Just remember Joel, it could always be worse. Some of my friends live in N&L and they just went through a blizzard that dropped around a yard of snow a few days ago. Where I am, we were lucky and only got a foot of the white stuff. 🥶❄⛄ 🙂


  6. Winston Smith says:

    “…reading books I’ve already read …”

    Here’s the cure for that when you get signal again:
    (note the fiction v nonfiction breakout)

  7. I wish I could take some of that snow/rain off your hands. We’ve had snow this winter, but not nearly the usual/enough. It’s likely to be a wildfire summer if nothing changes and I’m damn sure not looking forward to that.

  8. RCPete says:

    We started with a really dry winter, but the past few weeks, southern Oregon has had a bunch of snow. Now it’s turning into rain, and I’ll have to brave the clay/pumice mud to check the pumphouse. Only a couple months until Winter ends and we change seasons to Still Winter. After that, it’s Fire. Erk!

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