Another beautiful summer day…

…here in the first week of March, where it doesn’t belong. It’s supposed to cool down a bit after the weekend, but even then we’re looking at days in the sixties and nights in the high twenties, and only for a few days. We’ve had a month of nearly unbroken gorgeous weather, and I thought the price for that would be higher.
Went to check for eggs, and got “A little privacy, please?”
Seymour continues to grow, and he has turned into a fine looking boy. He’s only the second cock bird we’ve had in the whole gulch that doesn’t make too much noise or abuse the hens, and with him around the hens have calmed amazingly. It really seems he was the missing element, a sentiment likely to infuriate any feminists who blunder by.
And last summer’s new pullets, by and large, don’t think I’m the antichrist. Other than picking them up daily since they were chicks until now they either don’t mind or actually like it, I haven’t treated them any differently than any of the others. They’re still not mature enough to be productive, just eating like maniacs and popping out occasional practice eggs. Yesterday I got one without a shell.
And my pear tree is budding! Which would normally be a very bad thing this early in the year but what the hell? It looks like Spring is coming early this year*.

*Not making that prediction! No! You did NOT hear that here!

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5 Responses to Another beautiful summer day…

  1. MamaLIberty says:

    I know!! It hasn’t been that warm yet here, but the trees are showing signs of life already and I couldn’t stand it any longer… I planted the first of the snow peas, cabbage, spinach and turnips outside today. Tomatoes, peppers, leeks and some herbs are in peat moss pots indoors to get a bit of a head start, and I’ve so far managed not to do the squash and cucumbers just yet… another two weeks.

    And if we have another really cold spell before May, I’m going to be seriously bummed… but whatever. 🙂 Not like that has never happened before.

    And yes, that is one very nice looking rooster. 🙂 They all look nice and healthy. Had to laugh about the egg with no shell. I remember my first one… Never had heard of such a thing and it was a shock. LOL

  2. Robert says:

    So, shell-less egg is what, contained in the membrane?

  3. Joel says:

    Yeah! Weird. Complete egg, wrapped in a thick membrane, with no shell. First one I’ve seen.

  4. It started about 3 weeks ago here when one peach tree began to swell its buds – that one is in full bloom now. The lilac will probably just have a few open flowers tomorrow – they started to come out a bit behind that peach. I’ve had to water twice now – does no good to abuse these hopefuls who don’t know that the last freeze likely hasn’t passed yet. I’ve a couple dozen saplings in and the only things not showing much life yet are the pecan, the fig, and the osage orange – along with the native mesquite and acacia.

    Reminds me of last year – got 5 whole peaches off my bearing tree – 2 freezes whittled them down to that. Climate data here says that the third of fourth week of April is about 95% safe – but there have been a few freezes into early May. I’d probably add a few weeks for where you are – Joel.

    Despite my not being to happy about having to cover what I can if it does freeze – and dealing with the winds trying to tear away those coverings and rip the buds to shreds – I can’t but help enjoying all those new leaves unfurling. I can look at those dry twigs in the winter and have such a hard time convincing myself that they’re really going to turn back into something living again. A least that’s what the kid in me is thinking.

  5. MamaLIberty says:

    The weather is whatever it wants to be, and so often a surprise. I lived in the middle of the Mojave desert in So. Calif. most of my life. At high elevation for much of it. It got cold, but very little snow of course. But one night, driving home from work, I was faced with a desert blizzard the day before Easter, mind you. All our weather came from the west, and I was driving right into it. I was so blinded I could hardly see the side of the road… and then the snow accumulated on the road so much that I couldn’t see THAT. It was terrifying.

    And, naturally, my fruit and nut trees were in full bloom by that time. The wind and heavy snow ripped off about half of them, so at least I didn’t need to do any thinning that year. Luckily, it didn’t freeze hard on top of that and I got a decent crop. We almost always had a few very warm weeks in the middle of February there, and then some good sharp freezes afterwards, so I didn’t get any fruit many years. Here in Wyoming, we usually have serious freezing each night, at least, until the end of March, and usually well into April. Then it starts to get warmer at night and things progress naturally.

    This year? I have no idea, but I hope the trees will be able to take advantage of a mild winter and recover better from the severe damage of the hail last summer. And yes, I think I have to start watering this early too. It’s been just too dry all winter.

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