Another drippy day

I really don’t know how people in rainy places put up with it.

It’s barely even raining raining. Just dripping. Once in a while it’ll briefly rouse itself to work up a light rain, then slump back to dripping. It’s like the weather is doing an impression of a teenager with her ennui face on. “I’m bored.”

I just got back from morning chicken chores, and I’m seriously thinking of just going back to bed. Sheesh.

Good timing, though. I suppose. I mean, I said I wanted a couple of days off from work to rest my back, and then it gets so miserable outside there’s nothing to do but stay inside and read? Timing. I guess.

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5 Responses to Another drippy day

  1. Mike says:

    Looks like the same kind of weather is up here in the great drippy north. It’s been a mix of sun/cloud/rain/fog for the last few days and it looks like it will be going on for another week or so. Rain or no, there’s chores to be done. Sigh.

    BTW about your back, have you tried using a back belt? I never believed in them until a week and a half ago. I managed to blow out my back doing some lifting and was faced with making things a lot worse because I was committed to helping my Bro-in-law move. I picked up a back belt from Home Depot and, oh my goodness, what a difference.

  2. Joel says:

    I have a back brace, which I’ve been wearing a lot. Feralfae sent it a couple of months ago and it’s been such a help I’m thinking of upgrading.

  3. Mike says:

    Hey Joel, this is the back belt I picked up at Home Depot.The nice thing is the suspenders can be taken off if you don’t like them.

    To give you an idea about how well these work, after I posted the above comment I went and brought in 4 bags of salt for the water softener. Each bag was 20 Kg (44 pounds) and I was able to take them up the stairs, into the house and downstairs 2 at a time. I was a bit winded but no issues with my back. I’m sure that Amazon has something similar.

  4. coloradohermit says:

    Enjoy the time reading and relaxing! Here in central CO, the forecast says we could get a major snowstorm sometime between Friday and Monday. Winter is on the way.

  5. mattexian says:

    Those of us in soggy lands buy lots of mosquito repellent. Weather goober reported that my corner of Texas got 19 inches of rain, just for last month. After Hurricane Harvey bitch-slapped us last year, I lamented that I wanted to go somewhere where the rainfall was measured in fractions of an inch, not whole feet, for the year!

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