Another Ian 2-gun video

Ian at Forgotten Weapons has been competing in 2-gun matches in Tucson. Being Ian, he mostly does it with historic weapons – sometimes historic weapons comically unsuited for the stages.

But I’ve especially enjoyed the videos in which he and another guy not especially interested in final scores get together and compare the performance of period weapons that were on opposite sides of a war.

Such as…

When Ian told me about the lamentable buttstock malf on the FG42, I just had to tell him the story of the time I got a stuck case in my M1A and horrified a whole line full of AR and FAL shooters by planting the buttstock and stomping on the op rod handle until the case freed up. Good times…

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5 Responses to Another Ian 2-gun video

  1. Benjamin says:

    I noticed his new video on youtube at about two in the morning, his buddy’s faux-German act about acquiring a Soviet rifle had me laughing.

  2. Buck says:

    I was really diggin’ how they broke a $4000 rifle. A borrowed $4000 rifle. Points off, Ian….points off. But, I can attribute that to a thought I hadn’t thought before. In the regard of being as prepared for the zombie a-pocky-lipse as I’ll never need to be, really. I never bothered to think of spare stocks for my iron. I now have that little seed germinating.
    One more trivial thing to obsess over….sigh.

    I wonder what your line of AR and FAL shooters would have thought of the used MAK90 I bought.
    The previous owner has joyfully launched a tin full of Chinese copper washed corrosive ammo from it. He proceeded to not joyfully clean it and let it corrode for about a year.
    I opened the action with a hammer.
    Gas tube like a sewer pipe. Bore pitted…… shot about like you expect from an AK.

  3. Ben C says:

    Is that an ACTS (or whatever they call themselves now in AZ) match at Pima?

  4. Ian says:

    $5000, actually. Whoops!

  5. MJR says:

    Great Video. Looks like you had a lot of fun. I can’t get over the fact of a $5ooo rifle needing to be repaired… Bad Ian, very bad Ian. 😉

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