At first light, snow!

I woke up briefly to hard rain on the roof in the middle of the night. Temperature has dropped more than 20 degrees since Midnight, and…

Yesterday was blustery with in and out clouds, very typical “weather’s gonna change” weather, but rain has been so rare this summer it was hard to expect actual water from the sky. I took the precaution of rolling the Jeep’s windows up which should have guaranteed no precip, but you never know.

First snow of the season at the Lair! I haven’t even lit the bedroom heater, but it looks like it’s time.

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2 Responses to At first light, snow!

  1. Ben says:

    In most years, this post would end with something like “I gotta get serious about cutting up pallets “.

  2. coloradohermit says:

    We finally got some water from the sky in the form of 6″ of snow. I knew it has been dry dry dry, but the weather man this morning said it’s our first precip since a 1/2″ of snow in September. Hopefully now the whole state won’t burn up. -1 degree this morning has now gone up to +2. Can’t wait for winter.

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