At last I can go outside and play.

Tomorrow’s supposed to be gorgeous. Today I’ll settle for much milder than yesterday.

Mid-fifties in the shade makes it shirtsleeve weather in the sun, of which today there’s lots.

Wanted to work on filling in the sewer pipe trench. I’m attempting to use the old pipe as a poor man’s culvert, allowing me to cover the pipe where it crosses the gully draining ditch. Taping together the three sections of pipe and sliding them all under the pipe didn’t work – it would have required me to dig the whole thing 2′ deeper than it already is. I may regret not doing so come the next heavy monsoon, but the consequences will be mild. I ended up just using two sections, and now the ditch is filled in. Fixed the bridge and put it back in place anyway, to remove any stress that foot traffic would otherwise put on the very shallowly-buried pipe.

Meanwhile, I worked on the first and simplest phase of the Great AK Repainting Project.

Because that’s just not what an AK is supposed to look like. Tomorrow the Pink AK gets its first all-over primer coat.

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One Response to At last I can go outside and play.

  1. Kentucky says:

    Your sewer pipe is also subjected to punishment from the wheelbarrow carrying firewood, is it not?

    Or do you plan to build a little better “bridge” than before?

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