Aw, dat’s purdy.

The National Rifle Association Is Correct: I Do Want Your Guns

It’s by somebody named Mark Ridley-Thomas, who claims to be a “Supervisor for the Second District in Los Angeles County,” a place in which I spent as little time as possible when I lived in Socal because violence. So it doesn’t seem as though Mr. Ridley-Thomas has much of a practical hold on his thesis.

Without a doubt, I support President Obama’s common sense recommendations to reduce gun violence. But tied to that approach, there needs to be something bigger. Something that transcends new laws and executive orders. We must commit ourselves to establishing a peaceful culture dedicated to the principles of nonviolence.

That proposition, nonviolence, is at odds with the policy pathways carved out by both the political left and the right. It is at odds with the proliferation of murderous depictions in movies and video games. It flies in the face of the Wild West narrative of our history, runs counter to the business interests of arms manufacturers and fundamentally contradicts everything for which the gun lobby stands.

Yes, it’s also at odds with all terrestrial history. Just as pure communism would have worked fine if we were all ants, nonviolence would work fine if we were all…um…actually I can’t think of a single creature on earth that never resorts to violence. Grass, maybe. Even roses have weapons.

Mr. Ridley-Thomas cites Ghandi, King and Cesar Chavez as glowing examples of successful nonviolent action. He ignores, of course, the obvious fact that these examples are exceptions to the rule and that they worked because of special circumstances. Their opponents were a) far too powerful to fight in a more conventional manner, and b) unlikely to simply slaughter them. It has often been noted that if Ghandi had faced the Germans instead of the Brits, he’d have done something else.

Nevertheless, Ridley-Thomas is in an excellent position to give us all a teachable moment. If he’s in the government of LA County, he can simply show us how it’s done.

So I say go for it, R-T. You convert LA County into a ‘peaceful culture dedicated to the principles of nonviolence.’ The rest of us will observe with interest.

But remember, you must do it in a completely nonviolent manner, which means the tools of government will not be available to you. Say what you will about the management of the NRA, whom you spend so much column space demonizing: As far as I know, they never killed or coerced anybody. Which is certainly more than can be said for your hero Obama, and probably more than can be said for you.

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8 Responses to Aw, dat’s purdy.

  1. Matt, another says:

    While Ghandi, King and Chavez preffered nonviolence, their followers weren’t always purely nonviolent and there was always a lingering threat that if the authorities over stepped their bounds, that they would see violence at a scale they could not deal with.

  2. feralfae says:

    A quote from Gandhi,
    “The worst thing that the British ever did to us was to take away our guns.”
    Just wanted to share that.

  3. KA9VSZ says:

    R-T, dude, a peaceful culture is like, oh, I dunno, something in petri dish. Y’all are at the mercy of anyone less peaceful. Remember the motto of the automated salesman on Star Trek: “Peace Through Superior Firepower”. Now, gimme all your stuff.

  4. PMain says:

    Both Ghandi & Kind were pro gun. The Rev. King had pistols & shotguns & used them to protect our houses. Non-violence only works when confronting a civilized, Western culture. Which means it will be ineffective against the current bunch controlling the Senate & Executive Branch.

  5. Mr. Galt says:

    When I read stuff from people like Ridley-Thomas I think of the “Gods of the Copybook Headings”. This verse in particular:

    “When the Cambrian measures were forming, They promised perpetual peace.
    They swore, if we gave them our weapons, that the wars of the tribes would cease.
    But when we disarmed They sold us and delivered us bound to our foe,
    And the Gods of the Copybook Headings said: “Stick to the Devil you know.”

    No doubt he wants all our guns, as does Obama. A pacified and helpless populous is much easier to control.

  6. Buck. says:

    Supervisor hyphenated started his supervisory career by demanding the office he overtook from the previous leadbottom be remodeled to the tune of 700K + for the sake of his bloated ego. He does this, or rather wanted it done with the discretionary fund amassed by coercing residents out of their money by threat of brute force.
    Before that he used the same brute force funding as an LA Shitty Council hack and in the state assembly.
    He tried to use those same brutality based funds to get another NFL team into the Coliseum which is a stadium NOBODY would put anything in.
    He was fond of lots of spendy junkets here and there during his assembly and council tenures.

  7. gooch says:

    So what are you saying Buck? That he’s just another run of the mill 3P?

    Dang and here I thought he was the answer to all of our gun grabber wetdreams ….

    [3P = Professional Political Parasite]

  8. gooch says:

    That last post really did have the [end sarcasm] notation after the word wetdreams but I forgot and used the > < thingies [as parenthesis] and the WP program kindly erased them for me.

    Oh Well that's what you get when you let sailors loose on keyboards I guess.

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