Aw, forget it.

Sometimes the ol’ blogger noggin goes dry. Once again, I got nuthin’.

In the only news, Paulo the Stallion from Hell did not bite me today. It was not for lack of trying, and I finally told J&H that if they want me to do a proper job of cleaning his paddock they’re gonna have to restrain him first because that horse is batshit crazy lately. Turns out even H is becoming afraid to go in there with him. J wants to get him castrated, though in terms of his financial value they’d be better off buying a freezer and turning him into dog food. He’s a relatively valuable stud. He used to be a fairly valuable saddle horse when H was doing endurance races. But these days she can’t even ride him in company; the last time he tried to mount the horse ahead of him while she was on his back. That’s the sort of thing that’s amusing only in the stories you tell afterward. Assuming you don’t end up in traction during the event, in which case it’s never amusing. Ask me about all my really funny motorcycle accident stories.

That horse is wearing out his entertainment value.

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  1. suek says:

    Interesting. Supposedly Andalusian stallions have excellent temperments – reason being that sometime in the 16th century or so, they started being such problems that the king of Spain decreed that men were permitted to ride only stallions. He thought that if they had to ride what they bred, they’d insure that what they bred was rideable. And theoretically, that’s what came about.

    Still – with animals…there are exceptions to any rule. It does sound as though he needs some brush up time with a trainer, though. Maybe they can work out a trade for breedings??? Or sell him and retain some number of breedings?

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